Certificate I in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Designed as an entry level course for Production Assistants in the personal care and pharmaceutical industries, this Certificate I teaches the essential OH&S and job specific requirements that level 1 – 2 Production Assistants are likely to encounter in their day-to-day activities.

It can be used as an induction program or for those already initiated to give them extra detail and understanding about their key job functions and responsibilities. It is ideal for Production Assistants just starting out and/or for those you want to provide formal training for as part of their career progression. It forms the perfect base training for staff to progress to Certificate II or III and in turn, higher training in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

Take a look at our YouTube video on the Certificate 1 in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eZTkPq4_0Y for more information and to have a look into how comprehensive our training is, what you get and what kind of support you can expect when studying with us.

On completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • apply GMP requirements to their manufacturing environment
  • ensure compliance with GMP in daily activities for overall quality end product
  • dispense materials accurately and record appropriately
  • follow compounding procedures to ensure quality end product
  • complete filling and packing to suit various product requirements
  • effectively clean facility and equipment to GMP requirements and record appropriately

This course will benefit the following careers:

  • Production Assistants
  • Those in the manufacturing environment, including those who want to manufacture for themselves

This course is ideal for:

  • Entry level Production Assistants
  • Those wanting to manufacture their own products using GMP techniques


  • This course consists of 8 units of competency
  • 8 weeks part time study incorporating:
    • 1 – 2 hours reading time – this also includes time allowed for the activities presented in the learning materials
    • 1 hour answering assessment questions
    • day-to-day job role activities to mirror their learning (i.e. normal work activities)

Training and assessments:

  • The course comprises of 1 text book provided as part of the enrolment package
  • Practical scenarios for the learner to work through under Supervision
    • on-site training can be provided for those without Supervisors or those working for themselves
  • One workbook containing learner questions and a Supervisor sign off table  based on competence being achieved in daily tasks

Course Units:       

Work safely How to work within OH&S requirements. Learn how to:

  • demonstrate personal awareness of OH&S requirements
  • report on potential OH&S issues and work safely to prevent injury and illness at work.
Communicate workplace information Covers the skills and knowledge required to gather, convey and receive workplace information and to interact with others at work. Learn how to:

  • communicate effectively to support work practices within the manufacturing environment
  • help maintain GMP.
Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices Monitor current resource use and carry out improvements to reduce negative environmental impacts of work practices. Learn how to:

  • ensure sustainability in the manufacturing environment
  • apply elements of lean manufacturing to save time and resources.
Follow work procedures to maintain Good Manufacturing Practice Covers essential information on how to comply with GMP codes and workplace quality standards. Learn how to:

  • understand the quality risks that can occur during manufacture including contamination, inaccurate inputs and inadequate compounding
  • follow work procedures to ensure compliance with GMP.
Take and record basic measurements Covers the skills and knowledge required to use basic measuring equipment and devices, read and record results. Learn how to:

  • dispense materials accurately and record appropriately
  • conduct simple tests using automated devices to test and ensure compliance with GMP requirements.
Prepare basic mixes Covers the skills and knowledge required to combine ingredients and additives in the correct quantities. Learn how to:

  • understand the why and how of compounding procedures
  • operate mixing and blending equipment to prepare basic mixes
  • conduct quality checks and record appropriately throughout the compounding procedure to ensure quality end product.
Pack products or materials Covers the packaging of products and materials. Learn how to:

  • check and ensure packing is in accordance with various product needs
  • prepare products and materials for dispatch or storage
  • comply with GMP throughout the filling and packing process.
Clean and sanitise equipment Teaches operator cleaning and sanitizing processes. Learn how to:

  • determine the cleaning and sanitising needs of equipment and facilities
  • carry out cleaning responsibilities in accordance with GMP.