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2014-11-10 AUD 1006685 registration certificate (VET)

Testimonials :

From 2012 – 2014 I was a student at the Institute of Personal Care Science (IPCS) studying a Diploma in Personal Care Formulation.

My decision to study was to gain product specific knowledge to support my new role as the Quality Manager at Living Nature Natural Skincare Products.  My prior experience was not in skincare and therefore an understanding of how products are formulated would help me understand how quality issues might be remedied.

I have found this course invaluable it has enabled me to function more effectively with my learning being recalled many times during my working day.  The content of the course is comprehensive and sets you up to move into the laboratory, develop products and gain the practical knowledge.

Following my successful study with Belinda at IPCS our company has another team member currently working through a training module.  We have also used the Institutes services to carry out irritation testing and independent formulation review.

We look forward to continuing our working relationship with IPCS who provide a unique service to the personal care industry.

Pam Sparksman
 Quality Manager
Living Nature, New Zealand

• • • • • •

With the demise of multi-nationals manufacturing in NZ, the cosmetic industry has not had a pool of locally trained chemists for a long time. The result has been very few chemists available for the positions that arise from time to time.

After hearing Belinda give a rousing presentation at the 2014NZSCC conference, we felt it was prudent to up skill our technical team.

Two of my technical team under took an intense 4 day training session at the Institute of Personal Care Science lab. This involved one on one tutoring with Belinda, followed with practical lab time.

The discussion portion with Belinda was well structured. It covered all aspects of cosmetic chemistry theory and also practical examples. We found these discussions to be very frank and honest. It did stretch our thinking and made us review our processes for future product development and in-house processes.

On reviewing what we had learnt in our discussions with Belinda, we then enrolled one staff member on the Certificate in EU Compliance so that we are compliant when preparing PIF’s for clients. We also have enrolled one of our production assistants in Certificate 1 in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. This has greatly improved our skill base.

Two of the technical team are enrolled in the Diploma of Personal Care Formulation. They find it enlightening and very informative. It really has changed how we do business within the lab, our suppliers and with our customers. All the course work has been invaluable and it would take years to gain the skills we have learnt while doing these courses.

We have always found the Institute of Personal Care Science, and its Director, Belinda to be a true professional. She has encouraged, supported our staff and given us wise council. The training and up skilling we have benefited from has made a positive impact on our business. We will always give credit to Belinda and her team for their great assistance in our improvements we have made while using her training courses.

Warwick Kiely
Managing Director
The Cosmetic Company, New Zealand

• • • • • •

The Institute of Personal Care Science (IPCS) provided me with training that was well structured and based on scientific principles.
The “Diploma of Personal Care Formulation” combined essential formulating elements with current trends and legal requirements, which were immediately transferable to the workplace.
I highly recommend studying the comprehensive course offered by the supportive team at the IPCS.

Iman Irhimeh
Technical Manager

• • • • • •

On behalf of our Thai FDA group we found that your training was very productive, it gave clear instructions and easy to follow guidance, we are sure that our small cosmetic factories here could be well understanding and practice it as a useful one to complete their GMP.

For the Director, Belinda Pilmore, we found that she had extensive knowledge and experience with a string desire to help us help our factories to achieve GMP. She never left a blank question and did not continue with training until all questions were solved and all participants were satisfied.

Ananya Maniphak 
Senior Pharmacist
Cosmetic Control Division
Food and Drug Administration
Ministry of Public Health

• • • • • •

A career in regulatory compliance sees me working across a broad range of fields; however training across such a diverse range of applications and authorities can be problematic, and practical workplace skills can be difficult to come by.
That’s why I have found the Diploma of Regulatory Compliance very helpful.  It offers a chance to look at the greater regulatory framework while still providing the level of detail needed to operate within a working environment.

For people considering a career as a regulatory consultant or officer within the complementary sector, the Diploma of Regulatory Compliance can provide a comprehensive suite of practical information that could considerably expedite your learning and expand your skill base.

Sarah Willoughby
Regulatory Affairs
Neways International (Australia) Pty Ltd

• • • • • •

As a formulator and educator, this course has definitely expanded and enriched my knowledge and opened my mind to new formulation options.
We never cease to learn,  and this course is perfect for both new students wishing to enter the industry and more experienced formulators wishing to broaden their industry experience.

The IPCS course was detailed, comprehensive and well supported by the tutors. If you are prepared to make a serious commitment to learning, this course will definitely make you a better formulator. I highly recommend this course.

Terri Vinson
Managing Director
BSc. Dip Form Chem

• • • • • •

I have been studying with the Institute of Personal Care Science for the last year and have found the course to be extremely informative. This course will provide you with all the tools and expertise you will need to be able to become a confident formulator, and understand all the documentation requirements that come along with developing a product as well. If I am ever stuck I can refer back to my study modules and always find the answer right there.

This course is definitely worth the investment!

Selina Mithen
Research and Development Manager
Tirsel Research Pty Ltd