Quality Program

The Quality Program packages our Microbiology and Stability units together to provide rapid up-skilling in essential quality control and shelf life determination aspects. It is ideal for studying the essentials of commercially suitable cosmetic quality control.

Take a look at our YouTube video on the Quality Program for more information and to have a look into how comprehensive our training is, what you get and what kind of support you can expect when studying with us.

On completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • conduct microbiological evaluations of raw materials, finished products, equipment and the facility
  • be able to implement GMP techniques into their manufacturing facility
  • be able to implement raw material quality programs including Microbial Risk Classifications (MRC) to ensure quality end product
  • be able to investigate quality issues and implement appropriate techniques to correct and prevent quality issues
  • be able to prepare and implement stability protocols
  • be able to determine shelf life of products through running appropriate stability programs
  • identify stability enhancing methods

This course will benefit the following careers:

  • Research and Development Scientists
  • Formulating Chemists
  • Production/Compounding Managers and assistants

This course is a rapid ‘up-skilling’ course and is ideal for:

  • those in a Quality Assurance/Control position or in training for such a position
  • those in Regulatory Affairs wanting to learn about GMP compliance and stability programs
  • formulators needing to test and assure the quality and stability of their formulations
  • those responsible for the quality of end product

On successful completion, learners can continue on with our workshops or may choose to study one of our Diplomas or other short courses, with a possible credit in up to 2 subjects.


  • This course consists of 2 full units from the Diploma of Personal Care Formulation
  • 2 weeks part-time

Training and assessments:

  • A Quality Program text book is provided as part of the enrolment package
  • On-line lectures to support learning and activities within the texts
  • Written assessment comprising theoretical questions and workplace simulated scenarios

Course Units:

Apply microbiology techniques for product safety Covers the identification of microbiological concerns specific to personal care products; and the application of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) principles to ensure product safety. Learn how to:

  • test raw materials, products, equipment and the facility for microbial presence
  • identify methods to reduce microbiological burden with in the facility and finished products using GMP.
Develop stable product formulations Covers the methods used to test the stability of products for determination of appropriate shelf life. Learn how to:

  • examine formulas to determine factors contributing to instability and methods to correct these factors
  • develop appropriate stability protocols to ensure performance characteristics of products are maintained over their shelf life
  • formulate to accommodate the stability needs of various products
  • test the stability of a variety of personal care products.