cosmetic formulation service

Do you need some help with your current formulations? Do you need some help with your labels or regulatory advice? Need some Market or Product Research support?

For just $220 AUD (representing 1 hour consultation with our experienced Chemists and Regulatory Affairs personnel), you can have:

  • formula and method reviewed for improvements/solutions to existing issues OR
  • get your label checked for compliance OR
  • have your claims and evidence checked OR
  • seek advice on your Brand, market or product research

If you need additional support, our experienced team will be able to provide an hourly quotation to suit your individual needs. 

Once you make your Paypal Payment, we will email you asking for your formulation/method or label/product details.

  • Payment represents one hour of consulting time. If you have multiple formulas you want us to review, please make payment for each product formulation you want reviewed
  • If you require additional regulatory advice or assistance with your brand, marketing or research, one of our helpful team will be able to advise you the additional time required specific to your needs
  • We will provide an email response with full written details and recommendations specific to your formulation needs and solutions
  • All information is held confidential

Formula and method review