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cosmetic brand consultant

Even if you have the best product in the world, if not enough of your target market know about it, it won't succeed. Do you want expert advice on how to get the product, concept, pricing or marketing just right, different to everything else out there and ensure it is compliant? Keep your brand and products at the forefront of innovation in this fast moving industry - lead not follow!

Have an initial consultation with one of our Brand Leading Experts about your product concept and ideas or discuss your current issues to see how our full Concept Creation services can take your products, and brand, to the next level. For just $180AUD you get a 1 hour call with one of our Experts to discuss your Brand Strategy and what you should do next.

  • Once you make your Paypal Payment, we will email you to make an appointment time to discuss your product via Skype - any concept information you can provide at this early stage will enhance our discussions with you!
  • Initial consultation is capped at 1 hour and all information is held confidential
  • If you proceed to Full Concept Creation, your initial consultation fee will be taken off future charges
  • The ideal way to explore your options with our Experts!

1 hour initial consultation


See some latest trends and tips from an Indie Expo and get support for your brand with one of our Experts


Looking for more support with your Brand and Products? Find out more about our full Concept Creation Services and take a big step toward success, read more here

cosmetic concept development

cosmetic formulation service

Are you looking to have a formulation developed or maybe just need some help with your current formulations?

Have a formula and method reviewed for improvements/solutions to existing issues for just $220AUD

  • Once you make your Paypal Payment, we will email you asking for your formulation and method details
  • Payment is per product formula - if you have multiple formulas you want us to review please make payment for each product formulation you want reviewed
  • We will provide an email response with full written details and recommendations specific to your formulation needs and solutions
  • All information is held confidential

Formula and method review