Virtual Cosmetic Chemist Internships

Get real world cosmetic chemist experience via virtual internship

Protecting Intellectual Property within Cosmetic Brands and Contract Manufacturers has limited the opportunity for Cosmetic Chemist Internships in this Industry – but how is a Cosmetic Chemist supposed to get industry rich experience without this opportunity?

Our Virtual Cosmetic Chemist Internships are the solution – and offer you the chance to get extra skills, experience and confidence – without adjusting your work or living arrangements.
Our Virtual Cosmetic Chemist Internship requires you to work through 6 full developments from concept through to finished formula, method and samples, including preliminary stability testing and records, just like they would in a workplace, using real world examples.
The Virtual Cosmetic Chemist Internship represents approximately 250 hours of mostly independent Research & Development work, exactly as it is done in the workplace – simulating the full process of cosmetic formulation development for 6 cosmeceutical products. You are provided with various Cosmetic Product Development Briefs, need to select 6 (or submit your own!) and required to research all functional and active cosmetic ingredients, source raw materials, prepare finished cosmetic product samples, conduct suitable stability tests, prepare cosmetic formulation and method paperwork, marketing claims, ingredient information and submit commercial ready cosmetic products for assessment.
Input, guidance and support is provided from an Experienced Cosmetic Chemist as well as an Official Cosmetic Chemist Internship Report to supplement your resume.
The Virtual Cosmetic Chemist Internship may be completed in a Full-Time (typically 6 weeks) or Part-Time (typically 12 weeks) capacity and can include your own projects in place of those we issue. It’s also a fail-safe way for those looking to create their own Cosmetic Brand to develop new products in their range, as part of this Virtual Cosmetic Chemist Internship, from start to finish with our guidance and input along the way.

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