How to make make-up workshop series

The How to make makeup workshop series has been designed for those just starting to make makeup products and/or those wanting to find out how makeup products are made. The foundation taught in this workshop series can be made in one of 7 different skin tones – so there is a skin tone to suit just about every skin colour, PLUS you get to make 2 eyeshadows and a dark or light bronzer to suit your skin tone too!

You will also make a beautiful red lipstick that suits all skin tones. This workshop series only takes approximately 6 hours to complete and enrollees will learn how to make 4 different makeup products from the comfort of their own home!

Start Date: Can be started at any time

Price: $145 AUD (Workshops Only)

Or $230 AUD (Workshops & Practical kit) + postage

Duration: 1 month lecture access (approximately 6 hours workshops + practical activities)

Assessment: None

Course Type: On-Line Workshops

Entry Requirements: 15 years old or over

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Workshop Contents:



Makeup Workshop Booklet (electronic copy) + Optional Practical Kit to make all makeup products

See what’s in the optional practical kit…

On successful completion of these workshops, participants will learn:

  • How to make mineral foundation powder in 7 different shades including an effects pigment that helps the products match all skin tones
  • How to make eyeshadow powders in 2 different shades
  • How to adjust eyeshadow formulas to create just about any eyeshadow colour or effect desired!
  • How to make a bronzer in 2 different shades to suit different skin tones
  • How to make a lipstick and how to alter it to suit individual preferences
  • How to put various makeup formulas together using the correct methods

These workshops are ideal for:

  • People wanting to formulate makeup for themselves, friends and family
  • People wanting to see if starting a makeup brand is for them
  • Those wanting to understand the basics of what a Colour Cosmetic Chemist does
  • Regulatory, Development and/or Marketing staff wanting to know the basics of how makeup formulas are put together and the ingredients that get used


  • There are no assessments for these workshops

On successful completion, learners can continue on to our Beginners Cosmetic Science workshops or more advanced Cosmetic Formulation, Brand Management or Regulatory Affairs courses.

Study Contents

  • Makeup Workshop Booklet featuring all makeup formulas with methods and colour variants
  • Box of raw materials and packaging to work through various practical activities and make
    makeup products  - can be purchased as an optional extra
  • On-line lecture access – so you can study at a time and place that suits you

Note: Workshop is self-training, so won’t include trainers support if you have further questions.  

Required equipment:

In order to study this course you will need to purchase or have access to standard laboratory equipment; or the following equipment if studying from home:

• coffee grinder

* scales that measure up to at least 1.2kg in 0.1g increments
• 3 x 1.1L stainless steel mixing bowls
• 1 x 8 wire whisk (250 – 300mm)
• 1 hot plate (or normal stove top)

Course program:

Watch: How to make makeup video 1

  • The truth about colours used in makeup
  • How makeup formulas are put together
  • Basic makeup ingredient terms
  • How cosmetic formulas are written
  • How to make a bronzing powder

Make a Bronzer powder from the Makeup Workshop Booklet

Watch: How to make makeup video 2

  • How to create different colour foundation powders to suit 7 different skin tones and colours
  • Essential ingredients in foundation formulas
  • How to make foundation powders adjust to variances in skin tones
  • How to make a mineral foundation powder

Make a mineral foundation powder from the Makeup Workshop Booklet

Watch: How to make makeup video 3

  • How eyeshadow formulas are put together
  • How to alter the colours used in eyeshadow to create just about any colour or effect you want
  • Essential methods to make makeup samples work
  • How to make a light beige and dark brown eyeshadow

Make a light beige and dark brown eyeshadow from the Makeup Workshop Booklet

Watch: How to make makeup video 4

  • How lipstick formulas are put together
  • How to process the lipstick formula to make the product
  • Essential ingredients in lipstick products to get good performance and shelf life
  • How to make a vegan friendly lipstick

Make a vegan friendly lipstick from the Makeup Workshop Booklet

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