Certificate in Cosmetic Brand Management

This course is designed as a condensed version of our Diploma of Personal Care Development and Promotion. It is ideal for those wanting to rapidly up-skill and/or enhance their skills and knowledge specific to the essentials of personal care Brand Management.

Take a look at our YouTube video on the Certificate in Cosmetic Brand Management Course for more information and to have a look into how comprehensive our training is, what you get and what kind of support you can expect when studying with us.

On completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • prepare promotional campaigns for products
  • ensure compliance with all marketing materials including labels
  • ensure projects run on time and within budget
  • set pricing on products

This course will benefit the following careers:

  • Brand Managers
  • Marketing personnel
  • Regulatory Affairs personnel
  • Research & Development chemists

This course is a rapid ‘up-skilling’ course and is ideal for:

  • those wanting to have their own brand of personal care products
  • those in marketing, concept or brand development that are responsible for project managing product development, launches and marketing
  • those required to set pricing for products and prepare marketing plans
  • those required to help projects run on time and within budget during development, launch and beyond

On successful completion, learners can continue on with our workshops or may choose to study one of our Diplomas or other short courses, with a possible credit in up to 3 subjects.


  • This course consists of 3 full units + 2 half units of competency from the Diploma of Personal Care Development and Promotion
  • 4 weeks part-time

Training and assessments:

  • The Cosmetic Brand Management Essentials text book is provided as part of the enrolment package
  • On-line lectures to support learning and activities within the texts
  • Written assessment comprising theoretical questions and workplace simulated scenarios

Course Units:

Evaluate the functions of ingredients in personal care products(full unit)  Covers the origin and functions of the common ingredients used in personal care products for an understanding of what gets used in products and why. Learn how to:

  • accurately identify what constitutes ‘organic’, ‘natural’ and ‘synthetic’ ingredients and processing
  • investigate and evaluate the origins and functions of the many and varied ingredients used in personal care products
  • apply this knowledge when promoting products in the market place
Develop a media plan(full unit)  Covers preparation and development of an integrated marketing communications plan to enable the effective and efficient promotion of products and services to the personal care market. Learn how to:

  • effectively develop a marketing communications plan to suit their organisation and personal care product range
  • implement effective marketing
  • evaluate its impact to maximize the success of promotional campaigns
Apply compliance requirements in the promotion of personal care products (cosmetics)(full unit)  Covers the application of the range of compliance requirements and obligations that must be fulfilled by an organisation promoting cosmetic personal care products. Learn how to:

  • ensure compliance is an integral part of normal business operations
  • develop and edit marketing campaigns to suit organisation and legislative requirements
  • ensure an effective, compliant message is being communicated
Determining product costs  Covers the outcomes required to identify, analyse and refine product costs to suit the required price point. Learn how to:

  • produce a budget to maximise profits and product success
Managing project time  Covers the project management involved in the development, manufacture, promotion and launch of cosmetic and personal care products. Learn how to:

  • determine and implement project schedules
  • manage projects specifically relevant to the personal care industry