Formulating Hair Care, Styling & Temporary colourants: An Advanced Guide Book

Want to learn how to formulate salon quality hair care products, styling agents and temporary hair colourants but haven’t got time for a study program just yet? Read now, study with us later, and save the price of the book off your study program (Certificate in Advanced Hair Formulations)!

Formulating Hair Care, Styling and Temporary Colourants: An Advanced Guide is the guide for those with intermediate cosmetic science formulation knowledge and/or experience who want to specialise in professional hair care, styling and temporary colouring formulations. It will also help you improve the quality and aesthetic aspects of your cosmetic sample developments and reduce time taken in the lab by enhancing your cosmetic raw material selection process and cosmetic formulation methodology. This is a very comprehensive guide that covers advanced formulation techniques specific to salon quality hair care, styling and temporary colourants, as well as provides the latest innovative and detailed formulation guidance on:

  • salon quality shampoo, conditioner, treatment and repair products
  • professional styling products such as gels, waxes, pomades, cremes, hairsprays and mousses
  • temporary colourants and colour creation
  • the cosmetic chemistry behind ingredient selection to enhance stability, performance and aesthetic properties of your cosmetic developments
  • practical experiments you can do to learn the different stability, performance and aesthetic aspects of various materials
  • building formulas for all product types to get you confident in formulating these types of products straight away

*Textbook is self-training, so won’t include the trainer's support if you have further questions.

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Advanced hair product formulation

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