Certificate in Cosmetic Labels & Claims

Did you know that ANY cosmetic brand, even small cosmetic brands, are directly responsible for their cosmetic claims, labels and ingredient lists? To ensure compliance, you should seek a Cosmetic Regulatory Consultant to review your ingredient lists, cosmetic label information and marketing materials (including social media posts) - OR -learn to take care of these essential cosmetic compliance requirements for your cosmetic brand.

Did you know:

  • Links to external websites cannot contain non-compliant cosmetic claims, even if they are journal reports, historical use of natural substances or testimonials
  • Social media posts must comply with cosmetic regulations including any product reviews or testimonials
  • Just because another brand has non-compliant cosmetic claims or labels does not exempt you from your compliance obligations
  • Being a small cosmetic brand does not exempt you from ensuring cosmetic labels, claims and marketing are compliant
  • Customers and competitors can report you to Regulatory Authorities at any time – and you’ll have to act promptly on any action taken which could include instigating a product recall, removing your products from the market, and possibly a fine

The costs of non-compliance are huge to small brand owners – and damaging to your cosmetic brand’s reputation. Study this Certificate program to remove your risk, become compliant, and market your claims and products loud and proud once you know how!

Our Certificate in Cosmetic Labels and Claims program also provides tools to help you:

  • Classify and determine cosmetic claims and evidence needs in EU, US, Aus, Canada, China, South Korea and Japan
  • Collect required evidence to support cosmetic claims
  • Create clever and compliant marketing materials including print media and social media posts
  • Ensure your cosmetic ingredient lists and labels are always right – in various countries
  • Keep up to date with regulatory changes that may impact your cosmetic brand

If you have started, or want to start your own cosmetic brand, then this is the program to help you market and label your products right. Our Certificate in Cosmetic Labels and Claims course has been developed to provide the skills, knowledge and templates necessary to comply with cosmetic marketing and label requirements around the world.

Start Date: Can be started at any time

Mode of delivery: On-Line/Distance

Entry Requirements: 18 years old or over. Must have completed up to year 10 level in high school (or equivalent).

Duration: 1 month

See an example of study material and assessment here…


Study only option

Get the learning with no assessment commitment

Full Certificate program

Get the learning, trainer support and your Certificate

  • Online lecture access (1 month)
  • Electronic text
  • Database access to worked examples and activities to support learning
  • All templates and checklists from the Certificate program
  • Does not include trainer support, assessment or Certificate



  • Online lecture access (1 month)
  • Electronic text
  • Database access to worked examples and activities to support learning
  • All templates and checklists that form part of the Certificate program
  • Full trainer support
  • Assessment
  • Hard Copy of Certificate issued on successful completion



On completion of Full certificate program, learners will be able to:

  • Correctly classify cosmetic claims as compliant or non-compliant in EU, US, Aus, Canada, China, South Korea and Japan
  • Prepare, check and correct marketing claims to be fully compliant with cosmetic marketing regulations for various promotional activities
  • Prepare, check and correct compliant cosmetic label text for various countries
  • Keep up to date with cosmetic label and claims regulations (and changes)
  • Source appropriate evidence to support cosmetic claims
  • Determine cosmetic tests that may be needed to support additional cosmetic claims when required
  • Work with Cosmetic Chemists on developments to support intended claims

On successful completion, learners will be able to correctly prepare clever, compliant cosmetic advertising claims in various media sources (print and on-line), as well as prepare fully compliant cosmetic labels and ingredient lists to suit a variety of country requirements. In addition, essential checklists and templates are provided in this Certificate program to give Brand Owners, Brand Management and Regulatory personnel the tools they need to effectively comply with cosmetic claims and labels regulations.  

Full certificate program will benefit the following careers:

  • Small cosmetic brand owners
  • Cosmetic Brand Managers
  • Regulatory Affairs personnel

Full certificate program is ideal for:

  • Cosmetic Brand owners – it is the company’s responsibility putting cosmetic products into the marketplace that their claims, labels and ingredient lists are fully compliant
  • Cosmetic Brand Managers overseeing marketing, labels and claims
  • Regulatory personnel responsible for ensuring cosmetic label and claim compliance

Duration for FULL certificate program:

  • This course consists of 1 unit of training
  • 2 weeks part-time (15-20 hours per week)
  • Flexible, extended study possible for up to 4 weeks (7-10 hours per week)
  • Study load consists of:
    • Guided training and workplace simulations = 25 hours
    • Extension research and assessment activities = 15 hours

Training and assessments for FULL certificate program:

  • On-line lectures to support learning and activities within the texts
  • Electronic text for 1 unit
  • Ingredient label checklist – use to ensure your ingredient list is always right
  • Label checklist – use to ensure essential information is on every label
  • Written assessment comprising theoretical questions and workplace simulated scenarios

Course unit:

Apply compliance requirements in the promotion of personal care products (cosmetics)

Covers the application of the range of compliance requirements and obligations that must be fulfilled by an organisation promoting cosmetic personal care products. Learn how to:

  • ensure compliance is an integral part of normal business operations
  • develop and edit marketing campaigns to suit organisation and legislative requirements
  • ensure an effective, compliant message is being communicated