Beginners Cosmetic Science workshops

The Beginners Cosmetic Science workshop series has been designed for those just starting to create personal care products, those wanting to improve basic formulation skills and/or those wanting to see if a career in formulation is for them. It is also ideal for Brand Managers and those in Regulatory Affairs to better understand the basics of formulation development to enhance their discussions with formulators, manufacturing houses and Research & Development teams.

Start Date: Can be started at any time

Price: $295AUD (Workshops Only)

Or $490AUD (Workshops & Practical kit) + postage

Duration: 1 month lecture access (approximately 15 hours workshops + practical activities)

Assessment: None

Course Type: On-Line Workshops

Entry Requirements: 15 years old or over

Workshop Contents:

Formulation Starter Booklet (electronic copy) + Formulation Guides for 11 different products

+ Learning Support Material + Optional Practical Kit to make all products


On successful completion of these workshops, learners will be able to:

  • Develop safe, stable and effective formulas for a range of basic personal care products including crème cleansers, serums, lotions, creams, butters, balms, hand and body washes, shampoos and conditioners.
  • Adjust cosmetic formulations to suit varying marketing, performance and ingredient needs
  • Make correct materials selections and create their own cosmetic formulations
  • Put various cosmetic product formulation types together using the correct methods

These workshops are ideal for:

  • People wanting to formulate for themselves, friends and family
  • Small business owners wanting to understand the basics of what a Cosmetic Chemist does
  • Regulatory, Development and/or Marketing staff wanting to know the basics of how products are put together and the ingredients that get used


  • There are no assessments for these workshops

On successful completion, learners can continue on to our more advanced Formulation, Brand Management or Regulatory Affairs courses.

Study Contents

  • Formulation Starter Booklet featuring 11 different formulations with methods
  • Formulation Guides Booklet showing how to construct each formulation type
  • Box of raw materials and packaging to work through various practical activities and prepare
    samples can be purchased as an optional extra
  • On-line lecture access – so you can study at a time and place that suits you
  • Detailed study program so you know what to study and when, and to help you plan and track your
    study progress

Required equipment:

In order to study this course you will need to purchase or have access to standard laboratory equipment; or the following equipment if studying from home:

• scales that measure up to at least 1.2kg in 0.1g increments
• 3 x 1.1L stainless steel mixing bowls
• 1 x 8 wire whisk (250 – 300mm)
• 2 hot plates (or normal stove top)

Free first video:


Course program:

Watch: Introduction to Cosmetic Formulation 1 video

  • How to make pH buffers
  • How to adjust pH
  • How formulas are written
  • How to make a solubilised mist/toner
Make: Hydrating Mist sample from Formulation Starter Booklet

Watch: Introduction to Cosmetic Formulation 2 video

  • How to make standard emulsions
  • How to pick different emulsifiers and input amounts
  • How to reference inputs in cosmetic formulations
Make: Moisturising Body Lotion, Natural Face Cream, Luxurious Body Butter from Formulation Starter Booklet

Watch: Introduction to Cosmetic Formulation 3 video

  • How to make emulsions with low oil content
  • How to stabilise low viscosity emulsions
  • How to pick emulsifier to suit different product needs
Make: Natural Serum and Crème Cleanser from Formulation Starter Booklet

Watch: Introduction to Cosmetic Formulation 4 video

  • How to create your own emulsion formulation
  • How to determine the correct method for your formulas

Watch: Introduction to Cosmetic Formulation 5 video

  • How to make balms
  • How and why ingredients are selected for balms
  • How to trouble shoot issues with balms and correct them
Make: Lip Balm from Formulation Starter Booklet

Watch: Introduction to Cosmetic Formulation 6 video

  • How to create balm formulas
  • How to manipulate balm formulas to suit lips, face or body
Make: Foaming SLS Free Face Wash, SLS Free Body Wash, Sulphate Free Shampoo from Formulation Starter Booklet

Watch: Introduction to Cosmetic Formulation 7 video

  • How to make foaming cosmetic products
  • How to pick different surfactants and input amounts
  • How to calculate surfactant input to achieve the right performance and foam
  • How to thicken surfactant formulas
  • How to create foaming cosmetic formulas to suit hair, hands, body and face

Watch: Introduction to Cosmetic Formulation 8 video

  • How to make a conditioner
  • How to pick different ingredients for conditioner formulas
  • How to stabilise conditioner formulas
Make: Creamy Conditioner from Formulation Starter Booklet

Watch: Introduction Cosmetic Formulation 9 video

  • How to create a conditioner formula and method
  • How to adjust material inputs to alter performance characteristics