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Become a Cosmetic Chemist:

Whether for your own brand or career, our Diploma of Personal Care Formulation teaches you all the elements and much, much more, to become a properly qualified Cosmetic Chemist. This 1-year part-time cosmetic chemistry program will teach you how to formulate just about any type of cosmetic product you can think of, with loads of practical activities to get you formulating cosmetics confidently. 

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diploma of personal care formulation, cosmetic chemist training


Learn to formulate for your own brand:

Our Certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Science is ideal. 15 weeks part-time study and you’ll be creating professional cosmetic formulas including cosmeceuticals and sunscreens as well as learn quality control aspects such as shelf life and microbial testing.

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cosmetic science course, cosmetic science training


Learn to formulate professional hair care:

Our Certificate in Advanced Hair Formulations focuses specifically on hair care, repair, styling and even temporary hair colour formulations. Learn to formulate professional hair care formulas as well as critical quality control aspects to ensure salon level products. 

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professional hair care course, formulate haircare course


Learn to formulate cosmetics in a weekend short course:

Our Beginners Cosmetic Science is for you! Approximately 15 hours of cosmetic learning and practical activities, and you’ll create 11 cosmetic products and get fundamental cosmetic science learning. No assessments, just creative cosmetic chemistry fun! 

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weekend cosmetic workshop, cosmetic science for beginners


Specialise in Organic Formulations:

Our Certificate in Advanced Organic Formulations program is a specialist/career level organic cosmetic science course that teaches you how to formulate professional, commercial organic products and get them Certified with various Organic Certifiers. 

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organic formulation course, organic cosmetic science


Specialise in Makeup Formulations:

Our Certificate in Advanced Colour Cosmetic Formulation program is a specialist/career level colour cosmetic science course that teaches you how to formulate professional, commercial makeup products, including ingredient regulatory, manufacture and quality checks. 

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colour cosmetics certificate


Learn Cosmetic Quality and Stability:

This Certificate in Cosmetic Quality and Stability program will guide you on basic equipment you will need to run your own tests to check product quality and shelf life, and provides you with handy cosmetic quality and stability templates. Learn the what, how and why of cosmetic quality and shelf life testing, suited to both small and large lab set-ups. 

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cosmetic quality stability certificate


Certificate in Cosmetic Preservatives:

The selection of a preservative for a cosmetic formulation is undoubtedly one of the most important, yet most controversial, aspects a cosmetic chemist can make. With so much choice in cosmetic preservatives available, and so much misinformation on the internet, how does a cosmetic formulator make the Perfect Preservative selection? The Certificate in Cosmetic Preservatives program looks very specifically at all of these items and helps you understand how to make the best cosmetic preservative selections to suit your formulation needs.

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diploma of personal care formulation, cosmetic chemist


Learn Fragrance and Essential Oils in Cosmetic Formulas:

Do you want to learn how to search international essential oil and fragrance regulations, to ensure your cosmetic formulas are safe and comply? Our Certificate in Fragrance and Essential Oils in Cosmetic Formulas will teach you how to check regulations and ensure the safe use of essential oils and fragrances. 

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Create your own cosmetic formulas without needing to learn

Do you want to create cosmetic formulas quickly, easily, with confidence, and not much (or even any) prior knowledge? Our Create Cosmetic Formulas program is for you! This is a program that creates cosmetic formulas for you - it is not a program that teaches you how to formulate. If you want to learn to formulate, please select one of our above training courses. 

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