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Do you want to create your own cosmetic brand or cosmetic line? Or maybe you have been selling on a small scale at the markets, to family and friends and now want to take the next steps? You may also be trying to take that next step, hitting brick walls and have more questions than answers…?

The Cosmetic Brand Business workshops provide an overview of what you need to think of when planning your personal care products and business. It also provides you with a FREE e-book and Business Plan template, pricing strategy and all the things you need to think of PLUS industry guidance on what is normal and necessary for the personal care industry.

Keep that burning desire, not burn through cash, with these incredibly informative workshops!

These workshops are included in our Diploma of Cosmetic Brand Management. Study these workshops with us and get the cost of these workshops back if you enrol in our Diploma of Cosmetic Brand Management later!

In this 7-workshop series, learn how to:

  • Find a unique position in the market with strong point of difference
  • Determine where there is opportunity in the cosmetic market
  • Research your competitors and position your brand effectively against them
  • Prepare cosmetic labels with all required information
  • The rules about cosmetic claims and how to write cosmetic claims
  • Collect evidence to support your cosmetic claims
  • Plan cosmetic shelf life (expiry date) testing and preservative testing
  • Organise essential cosmetic safety testing
  • Determine required cosmetic performance testing
  • Meet your legal requirements including insurance, patents and trademarks
  • Price your product for maximum sales
  • Prepare your cosmetic business plan
  • Prepare your marketing and sales strategies
  • Compete in a crowded marketplace, be noticed, and win sales!

This workshops are ideal for:

  • Those with their own brand, looking to start their own brand or wanting to take the next steps to grow their brand
  • ANYONE with their own brand – or looking to have their own brand
  • Companies negotiating with contract chemists and/or manufacturers

By registering for these workshops, you will receive:

  • FREE e-book to accompany the lectures
  • 1-month unrestricted online workshop access
  • FREE Business Plan template, written specifically for the Personal Care Industry
  • Unbiased industry advice on Pricing Strategies and what to expect
  • Essential information in setting up your cosmetic brand and business

Note: These workshops are self-training, so won’t include trainers support if you have further questions.  

Purchase the workshops: $195AUD
Includes FREE e-book

NOTE: For immediate access once purchased, stay on PayPal page for access details

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