Cosmetic Regulation Training

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Certificate in Cosmetic Regulatory Essentials

Cosmetic products need to comply with whichever country it is to be sold in! Learn how to comply with cosmetic regulations in the ASEAN, AU, Canada, China, EU, UK, USA, NZ, Japan, Sth Africa & Sth Korea markets by completing the Certificate in Cosmetic Regulatory Essentials. Ideal for those with a Cosmetic Brand looking to export cosmetics, as well as those working for companies selling cosmetic products in one or more countries around the world. 

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Certificate in Cosmetic Quality and Stability

This Certificate in Cosmetic Quality and Stability program will guide you on basic equipment you will need to run your own tests to check product quality and shelf life, and provides you with handy cosmetic quality and stability templates. Learn the what, how and why of cosmetic quality and shelf life testing, suited to both small and large lab set-ups. 

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Certificate in Cosmetic Labels and Claims

Did you know that ANY cosmetic brand, even small cosmetic brands, are directly responsible for their cosmetic claims, labels and ingredient lists? This includes links to external websites, even if they are research or testimonials; and ALL of your social media posts. Just because another brand has non-compliant cosmetic claims or labels does not exempt you from what YOU have on your labels, website and posts. Customers and competitors can report you to Regulatory Authorities at any time – breaking these rules can result in recalls and fines – don’t risk it! Learn the rules to get your labels and claims right. 

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Certificate in Cosmetic Product Recalls

Did you know that ANY cosmetic brand, even small cosmetic brands, putting cosmetic products into the marketplace MUST hold a product recall plan… even if they never have to use it? Do you know: how many cosmetic products can be faulty before you need to issue a recall? What sort of faults can occur with your cosmetic products before you need to issue a recall? Who do you need to inform, and what information do you need to provide as part of a cosmetic product recall? This Certificate program will give you the answers you need PLUS give you handy cosmetic product recall templates you can use. 

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Comply with EU regulations only...

To the uninitiated, the Cosmetic Compliance requirements to get a product into EU may seem unsurmountable and the process impossible, but it is surprisingly simple when you know what cosmetic compliance documents to collect and collate. This series of EU Compliance workshops take you through ingredient checks and compliance as well as what information is needed on your labels and evidence required to support claims. It also shows you how to compile your Product Information File and prepare a Safety Evaluation. 

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