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cosmetic formulation masterclass

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cosmetic FORMULATION workshops:

- BEGINNERS / ingredient focus -

Beginner Cosmetic Science workshops

Learn to formulate cosmetics in a weekend short course:

Our Beginners Cosmetic Science is for you! Approximately 15 hours of cosmetic learning and practical activities, and you’ll create 11 cosmetic products and get fundamental cosmetic science learning. No assessments, just creative cosmetic chemistry fun!


How to choose cosmetic ingredients workshops

Wish you could find out the difference between cosmetic ingredients without needing to take a full cosmetic science course?

These workshops focus on the ingredients used in cosmetic formulas, their key differences, which are truly natural, how much you should be using and other selection and formula input tips


How to manufacture cosmetic workshops

Do you want to manufacture cosmetic products in small batches, from 5 - 100kg?

Get access to detailed guidance on how to set up your cosmetic manufacturing space and a comprehensive cosmetic manufacturing equipment specifications list, so you can source necessary cosmetic manufacturing equipment on a tight budget.


Stability testing for small cosmetic brands

Get your cosmetic shelf life right! This workshop series provides the essential stability testing steps for small cosmetic brands on a tight budget. It provides the essential information you need to start a cosmetic business fast whilst protecting your consumers and cosmetic brand from any sort of quality issue.


How to formulate sanitizers workshop

In light of recent world events, there has become a high demand for sanitizing product formulas. These workshops provide you with important hand sanitizer formulation and regulatory information, so you can formulate hand sanitizers with confidence and comply with your region's requirements.


How to formulate waterless cosmetic bars workshops

Waterless cosmetic products are an increasingly popular cosmetic trend – they are convenient to travel with and have almost zero waste. In this workshop, we take a look at waterless cosmetic bar formulation builds that help you understand how to select cosmetic materials to get the form, function and sensory aspects just right. 

cosmetic MARKETING & Regulation workshopS:

- cosmetic MARKETING -

Cosmetic Brand Business workshops

Do you want to start a cosmetic business or build a cosmetic brand? Or maybe you have been selling cosmetic products on a small scale at the markets, and now want to take the next steps? With loads of small and indie cosmetic brand information, cosmetic business templates and a FREE cosmetic business e-book, this workshop series will help you build a cosmetic business fast. Find out more - PLUS -  watch the first lecture free.


Social Media for Cosmetic Brands workshops

Knowing more than just the basics of social media is now essential for any cosmetic brand wanting to grow. This workshop series takes you through the essential social media strategies for any savvy cosmetic brand wanting to grow using organic social media posts and promotions as well as how to set up paid advertising on a tight budget. Designed for small and indie cosmetic brands, this social media for cosmetic brands workshop is ideal to to boost your cosmetic sales and build cosmetic brand awareness.


- cosmetic REGULATIONs -


EU cosmetic regulations workshops

This series of EU cosmetic regulations workshops take you through cosmetic ingredient checks and cosmetic compliance as well as the information needed on your cosmetic labels and evidence required to support cosmetic claims. It also shows you how to compile your Product Information File for the cosmetic product notification portal and prepare a Safety Evaluation for your cosmetic products. Master your EU cosmetic compliance requirements, watch now..