How to manufacture cosmetics for small brands - workshop series

Do you:
  • have a small cosmetic brand and want to manufacture cosmetic products for yourself?
  • have a limited budget, so need cost effective guidance?
  • want to manufacture cosmetics in small batches from 5 - 100kg?
  • want to know what equipment you will need?
  • want to know how to set up your facility to meet Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines?

This workshop series is for you! 

Get detailed guidance on what equipment to purchase, how to set up your manufacutring area and essential quality specifications to comply with Good Manufacturing Practice. 
Specifically designed for small cosmetic manufacturing - 5 to 100kg batches - on a tight budget - enrol now! 

Start Date: Can be started at any time.

Duration: Approx. 7 hours including research activities + unlimited workshop access

Assessment: None.

Course Type: On-Line Workshops. 

Note: These workshops are self-training, so won’t include trainer support if you have further questions.



  • Cosmetic manufacturing set-up notes including: air quality, water quality, cleaning and more. 
  • Cosmetic manufacturing equipment specifications list.
  • Small area layout designs to manufacture cosmetic products - specifically suited to small brands on a tight budget.
  • Cosmetic manufacture batch book template.
  • 3 detailed online workshops
  • Comprehensive guidance on how to set up a small scale cosmetic manufacturing facility



How to manufacture cosmetics workshop 1: Cosmetic manufacturing equipment & specifications

  • covering all types of cosmetic measuring, dispensing, manufacturing, mixing and filling equipment
  • learn what equipment is needed to manufacture cosmetics, throughout all stages of manufacture, to dispense, process and fill batches of 5 – 100kg of cosmetic and personal care products
  • comprehensive manual with the specifications of various types of cosmetic manufacturing equipment required to manufacture and fill a variety of cosmetic product forms and packaging
  • details of scales and quality control equipment for cosmetic manufacturing, as well as mixers to accommodate low and high shear stirring and detailed specifications of pots through to vats to suit tight cosmetic manufacturing budgets.

How to manufacture cosmetics workshop 2: Cosmetic manufacturing layout and specifications

  • learn about the air and water quality requirements for cosmetic manufacture
  • layouts provided for small cosmetic manufacturing facility requirements
  • minimum size and space requirements to suit up to 100kg cosmetic production batches
  • detailed specifications and drawings to show how you should set out your cosmetic manufacturing and filling room
  • detailed information of wash bay and equipment storage areas
  • important information about cosmetic warehouse layouts
  • created to suit those on a tight budget with limited space whilst achieving cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) essentials

How to manufacture cosmetics workshop 3: Batch book and quality checks

  • learn how to complete a Batch Book to cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements
  • cosmetic batch book template provided with this workshop package – ready to use!
  • detailed guidance on how to complete the batch book to ensure essential cosmetic quality standards are met and maintained with every batch
  • make sure every batch of cosmetic product turns out right from start to finish, with essential quality checks and sign off points along the way
  • ensures traceability and quality of every batch of cosmetic product you make, for fool-proof cosmetic production assurances


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