EU Cosmetic Compliance Workshops

To the uninitiated, the Cosmetic Compliance requirements to get a product into EU may seem unsurmountable and the process impossible, but it is surprisingly simple when you know what cosmetic compliance documents to collect and collate.

This series of workshops take you through the documents required by EU regulators and explains how to meet compliance requirements without the usual headaches.

You will learn:

Workshop 1: Preparing Labels & ‘Responsible Person’

  • The simple way to search for EU ingredient restrictions
  • What is required on a standard product label
  • Common documentary problems manufacturers and suppliers run into and how to fix them
  • The concept of a ‘responsible person’ and what they need to do

cosmetic compliance workshop

Cost:  All 3 for $495

Workshop 2: Preparing your PIF

  • All information required in a dossier (PIF)
  • Documentation that must accompany the PIF
  • When and what additional information is required

Workshop 3: Safety Calculations & Evaluation

  • What is required in a safety evaluation and who can conduct it
  • How to perform safety calculations and the safety assessment
  • Required safety summaries and statements

These workshops are ideal for:

  • Those wanting to understand EU compliance requirements
  • Marketing and/or regulatory staff involved with label preparation
  • Regulatory and/or R&D staff involved in preparing their own PIFs
  • Regulatory, R&D and/or consultants wanting to prepare documentation for/to conduct safety evaluations

By registering for these workshop, you will receive:

  • Power point notes to accompany the lecture
  • 1 month unrestricted online workshop access
  • Worked examples to follow the learning and help you put the learning into practice immediately

These workshops are included in our Certificate in Cosmetic Regulatory Essentials.