EU Cosmetic Compliance Requirements


Do you:
  • want to sell product in the EU and UK?
  • need to learn EU & UK cosmetic compliance requirements for your brand or your job?
  • want to save hundreds - or even thousands - on essential cosmetic regulatory compliance documents and reporting?
  • wish the EU & UK cosmetic compliance requirements could be explained in a straightforward manner?

These workshops are for you! 

Learn essential EU & UK cosmetic compliance as well as how to source essential paperwork, prepare a product information file, what to upload to the cosmetic product notification portal and even prepare your safety evaluations! 
Save thousands on the EU & UK cosmetic compliance process - enrol now! 

Start Date: Can be started at any time.

Duration: Approx. 8 hours including research activities, compliance searches & documentation collation + unlimited workshop access

Assessment: None.

Course Type: On-Line Workshops. 

Note: These workshops are self-training, so won’t include trainer support if you have further questions.

Credit toward further study: get the cost of these workshops back if you enrol in our Certificate in Cosmetic Regulatory Essentials later.





  • Online workshop access
  • 4 comprehensive instructional videos
  • Guided work-simulated scenarios to help you put learning into practice
  • Product information file template you can use for your own brand and products
  • Detailed text to accompany the lectures



Workshop 1: Understanding and searching EU Regulations

  • How EU regulates cosmetic products
  • How to conduct searches of EU cosmetic regulations
  • How to conduct searches of EU cosmetic ingredients, limits, restrictions and prohibitions
  • How to check compliance of cosmetic preservatives, sunscreens, colours, active ingredients, purity, nano-materials and allergens
  • How to check composition of cosmetic ingredients


Workshop 2: Labels and claims

  • A detailed explanation with examples of how to properly prepare cosmetic ingredient lists
  • How to prepare cosmetic labels with all required information
  • All required cosmetic label information, and how it must be presented
  • How to determine suitable cosmetic claims and evidence to support claims
  • EU free from rules and how to comply

Workshop 3: Responsible Person and the Product Information File (PIF)

  • Who can be your Responsible Person
  • Duties of the Responsible Person
  • How to prepare your Product Information File (PIF)
  • What information is essential in your PIF
  • Testing required: stability, preservative efficacy, performance evaluations
  • What documents and evidence is required with your PIF
  • PIF template and worked examples provided

Workshop 4: The cosmetic product safety assessment and evaluation

  • What is required in a cosmetic product safety evaluation and who can conduct it
  • How to perform safety calculations and the cosmetic product safety assessment
  • Required safety summaries and statements
  • Documents required to support the cosmetic product safety assessment

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Set of 4 lectures and text

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