Certificate in Cosmetic Product Recalls

Did you know that ANY cosmetic brand, even small cosmetic brands, putting cosmetic products into the marketplace MUST hold a product recall plan… even if they never have to use it? Fulfill this very essential cosmetic compliance requirement and protect your cosmetic brand from unnecessary problems should there ever be a question of quality about your products.

How many cosmetic products can be faulty before you need to issue a recall? What sort of faults can occur with your cosmetic products before you need to issue a recall? Who do you need to inform, and what information do you need to provide as part of a cosmetic product recall? This Certificate program will not only answer these questions for you, but also guide you as to how to handle questions about cosmetic product quality, and also provides you with handy cosmetic product recall templates you can use to determine:

  • How to investigate cosmetic product quality and faults
  • Who is responsible for faulty cosmetic product
  • How to collect and collate faulty cosmetic product reports
  • When a cosmetic product recall is necessary
  • How to conduct the cosmetic product recall to comply with Legal requirements
  • How to prepare marketing statements, required notifications and disseminate this to required stockists and media
  • How to comply with reporting obligations once a cosmetic product recall has been initiated

Our Certificate in Cosmetic Product Recalls program also comes with workplace ready templates you can use for your own cosmetic brand:

  • Returned product form
  • Product investigation form
  • Cosmetic product recall classifications
  • Cosmetic Product Recall procedure – including who to contact should a recall become necessary
  • Cosmetic Product Recall notification letters
  • Cosmetic Product Recall advertising templates

If you have started, or want to start your own cosmetic brand, then this is the program to help protect it. Our Certificate in Cosmetic Product Recalls course has been developed to provide the skills, knowledge and templates necessary to comply with Cosmetic Product Recall requirements around the world.


Start Date: Can be started at any time

Mode of delivery: On-Line/Distance

Entry Requirements: 18 years old or over. Must have completed up to year 10 level in high school (or equivalent).

See an example of study material and assessment here…


Study only option

Get the learning with no assessment commitment

Full Certificate program

Get the learning, trainer support and your Certificate

  • Online lecture access (1 month)
  • Electronic text
  • Database access to worked examples and activities to support learning
  • All templates, recall procedure and workplace forms from the Certificate program
  • Does not include trainer support, assessment or Certificate


  • Online lecture access (1 month)
  • Electronic text
  • Database access to worked examples and activities to support learning
  • All templates, recall procedure and workplace forms as part of this Certificate program
  • Full trainer support
  • Assessment
  • Hard Copy of Certificate issued on successful completion



On completion of FULL certificate program, learners will be able to:

  • Investigate cosmetic product complaints and returns
  • Determine when complaints and returns warrant further quality investigations
  • Determine when cosmetic product recalls are necessary, and at what level of urgency
  • Conduct quality and safety investigations to isolate cosmetic product faults
  • Work with Chemists and manufacturers to determine the source of the quality fault
  • Prepare advertising and notifications to initiate the product recall
  • Contact Cosmetic Regulatory Authorities with required recall information – around the world
  • Initiate and oversee the full recall process

On successful completion, learners will be able to determine when recalls are necessary, investigate product faults, comply with Regulatory requirements of Cosmetic Product Recalls and meet their reporting obligations. In addition, essential forms, procedures and templates are provided in this Certificate program to give Brand Owners, Quality and Regulatory personnel the tools they need to effectively implement a recall confidently and correctly.

Full certificate program will benefit the following careers:

  • Small cosmetic brand owners
  • Regulatory Affairs personnel
  • Quality Assurance/Control personnel

Full certificate program is ideal for:

  • Cosmetic Brand owners – it is a company responsibility that any brand with product in the marketplace MUST have a recall plan in place and be able to demonstrate this to Regulatory Authorities
  • Quality assurance / quality control personnel responsible for product investigations
  • Regulatory personnel responsible for ensuring company compliance

Duration for FULL certificate program:

  • This course consists of 1 unit of training
  • 2 weeks part-time (15-20 hours per week)
  • Flexible, extended study possible for up to 4 weeks (7-10 hours per week)
  • Study load consists of:
    • Guided training and workplace simulations = 25 hours
    • Extension research and assessment activities = 15 hours

Training and assessments for FULL certificate program:

  • On-line lectures to support learning and activities within the texts
  • Electronic text for 1 unit
  • Return forms and recall letter templates you can use/adjust to suit your workplace
  • Recall program template you can use/adjust to suit your workplace
  • Written assessment comprising theoretical questions and workplace simulated scenarios

Course unit:

Design and manage a product recall

Provides the regulatory essentials of implementing and monitoring a product recall.
Learn how to:

  • prepare a product recall protocol
  • prepare marketing statements and required notifications and disseminate this to required stockists and media
  • oversee and report on the effectiveness of the recall process