Certificate in Fragrance and Essential Oils in Cosmetic Formulas

Are you working with fragrances or essential oils and want to make sure your formulas comply with regulations and ensure safe use? Natural doesn’t mean safe, and essential oils contain many allergens, just like fragrances. In EU, South Africa and ASEAN countries, all allergens need to be listed on the label. In addition, no matter where you are in the world, your products need to be safe for consumer use based on the ingredients and inputs used. Do you want to learn how to search international essential oil and fragrance regulations, to ensure your cosmetic formulas are safe and comply? This study program teaches you how to check regulations and ensure safe use of essential oils and fragrances.



  • Start Date: Can be started at any time
  • Mode of delivery: On-Line/Distance
  • Entry Requirements: 
    • Minimum 15 years of age or older
    • Students must ensure they can formulate to at least a beginners level first. This can be achieved by first completing our Beginners Cosmetic Science workshops, or study at one of our higher levels. If you have a similar level of qualification you can also enrol directly in this program.
  • Duration: 40 study hours.
    • Normal duration: 2 weeks (flexible study plan up to 6 weeks).





Industry Approved and Recognised


Our institute is Industry Recognised by the International Federation of Society of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) and Government Accredited. 

3+ hours online lectures

(full course: 40 study hours)

Learn through over 4 cosmetic science videos where our qualified and experienced Cosmetic Chemists walk you through the 40 study hours of course content in detail.

Professional cosmetic chemist textbook

Download our comprehensive and detailed textbook. With more than 65 pages, this professional manual will be your guide during and your reference after your studies.

Guided learning materials

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Study options

Study Only:

Online Lectures + Text

Get the learning with no assessment commitment.

* No due dates

* Unlimited access to online lectures - 4 full cosmetic science training lectures, you can watch anytime, over and over again.

* Full electronic text - over 65 pages of Professional cosmetic chemistry training text

* Lifelong access to our database to work examples and activities to support learning

*Practical pack optional but recommended, purchase separately here






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Full Program:

Full Certificate Program

Get the learning, trainer support, assessments and Certificate

* Up to 6 weeks to complete full qualification

* Unlimited access to online lectures - 4 full cosmetic science training lectures, you can watch anytime, over and over again.

* Full electronic text - over 65 pages of Professional cosmetic chemistry training text

* Lifelong access to our database to work examples and activities to support learning

* Guided practical activities to enhance your learning

* Access to Students & Graduates Facebook group

* 1-on1 trainer support 

* 1 written assessment

* Hard copy Certificate    

* A practical pack is required to complete the assessment, please purchase separately here.

Pay with EURO from €270

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  Pay with AUD from $400 


 Access full student Prospectus, policies and procedures. 


Course structure and learning outcomes



Select fragrances or essential oils for personal care formulas

Covers the evaluation and selection of appropriate fragrances or essential oils for use in a variety of personal care formulations. Learn how to:
  • understand the chemistry of fragrance and language of aroma
  • blend essential oils for aesthetically pleasing and more stable aroma profiles
  • incorporate fragrance into product formulations
  • investigate and determine the safety aspects and usage rates for various product types
  • select fragrances or essential oils to suit various product formulations.



  • On-line lectures to support learning and activities within the text
  • Electronic text for 1 unit
  • Written assessment comprising theoretical questions and workplace simulated scenarios
  • Written assessment based on practical samples as directed in the learning - a practical pack needs to be purchased separately, please purchase here.



  • check international regulations to ensure the safe use of essential oils in your cosmetic formulas
  • know how much essential oils and fragrances should be used in different types of cosmetic formulas
  • add essential oils and fragrances to formulas
  • prepare a fragrance brief for the development
  • blend essential oils for lasting aromas with impact
  • calculate allergen content in different essential oils and fragrances
  • list allergens correctly on a label to comply with cosmetic regulations



  • Cosmetic Brand owners – it is a company responsibility that any brand with product in the marketplace MUST be safe for consumer use (including using all-natural ingredients and essential oils), must be labelled correctly and must comply with local regulations, and be able to show this to Regulatory Authorities
  • Cosmetic formulators working with fragrance and essential oils
  • Regulatory personnel responsible for ensuring company compliance



In order to study this course, you will need to purchase or have access to standard laboratory equipment; or the following equipment if studying from home:

  • Scales that measure up to at least 1.2kg in 0.01g increments
  • 3 x 1.1L stainless steel mixing bowls
  • 1 x 8 wire whisk (250 – 300mm)
  • 2 hot plates (or normal stovetop)



  • This course consists of 1 unit of competency
  • Full-time study = 36-38 hours per week to complete in 1 week
  • Part-time study = 15-20 hours per week to complete in 2 weeks
  • Flexible study = 5-10 hours per week to complete in 6 weeks
  • Study load consists of:
    • Guided training and workplace simulations = 20 hours
    • Extension research and assessment activities = 20 hours