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The Cosmetic Chemist & Brand Building Hub is a rich learning environment with free videos, formulas and reports that provide reliable information. Our industry leading experts provide this to you free - every month - so you can stay up to date. With hundreds of different topics on our YouTube channel, and within our blogs and podcasts, there's sure to be something to suit your needs.

Every month, our experts' advice can solve your problems and move your cosmetic formulations and brand forward:
  • Showcase cosmetic formulation principles to solve your formulation problems
  • Introduce innovative and trending new ingredients
  • Loads of new product ideas with free starting formulations & supplier details
  • Present the latest industry trends
  • Give you marketing advice to help you build your cosmetic brand
  • Guide you on cosmetic regulations to help you understand the rules of the cosmetics industry.


Secrets of a cosmetic chemistHow to make jelly soapStem cells in cosmetic formulasCooling after shave gelBarrier repair night creamBody Wash ConcentrateNatural Psycodermatherapy Botox CreamLip and cheek tint balmSelf foaming body washAdvanced night repair serum

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Enjoy 400+ FREE training items in cosmetic formulation, brand management and cosmetic regulations


Free videos & formulas

with nearly 400 video topics, you will find solutions to your problems and learn innovative formulations.

cosmetic science video training

Lean about a wide range of different general cosmetic formulation topics.
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beginner cosmetic science training

Want to formulate your own products? Learn the fundamentals of cosmetic formulation.
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advanced cosmetic science training

Need help on an advanced cosmetic formualtion topic? We've loads of innovation for you!
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how to formulate natural and organic skincare

Natural cosmetic formulation is trending, but also creates formulation challenges. Find the solutions! 
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how to formulate natural and organic haircare

See how to make a variety of hair cleansing, conditioning, styling and even colouring formulas!
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how to formulate makeup

Master the art of colour with our make-up formulation videos - includes colour matching! 
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how to formulate cosmetics with vitamins and actives

Vitamins & actives can enhance your product performance, but need to be formulated right.
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how to formulate cosmetic masks

Cosmetic masks are a big consumer favourite. Learn about clay, leave on, peel off & many more...
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how to formulate waterless cosmetic bars

Stand out from the crowd with a funky product form. See our innovative concepts...
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cosmetic ingredient trends and innovations

The cosmetic industry is constantly innovating. Find out more about the latest innovations.
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how to start a cosmetic brand

Takeaways you can apply to your own product marketing strategy for brand success.
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global cosmetic regulation training

To sell a cosmetic product, you must comply in whichever country you are selling it in. 
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free cosmetic formulas and cosmetic regulation information

Blog posts

Read dozens of blog topics written by our experts

Answer your questions about cosmetic formulations,  cosmetic brand management and cosmetic regulations with our blog post published by Industry Professionals.

Each month, we publish 4 new blog topics focusing on cosmetic formulation, ingredients, cosmetic brand business topics, or cosmetic regulation. 

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Live Webinar

Q&A with Belinda Carli, Director of the Institute of Personal Care Science.
Each live webinar topic is announced 2 weeks in advance and is available for free on our Youtube channel, Facebook and Linkedin. All of our live webinars are recorded and available for free on our social media channels for you to watch again.
What is inclued in the live webinar?
  • Expert training with presentation slides on a specific formulation, marketing or regulatory topic.
  • A live Q&A session where Belinda Carli answers all your questions. If you can't join the live webinar, you can send us your questions before the event and watch the replay to hear the answer.


Watch some of our most popular live webinars replay:


Cosmetic Formulation Fundamentals Masterclass

There is so much misinformation on the internet, we want ot make sure you get started RIGHT making your own natural and organic skincare and haircare.
Our FREE Cosmetic Formulation Fundamentals Masterclass contains: 
  • 50-page workbook 
  • 15 on-line lectures
  • Loads of activities to test your self-paced learning.
  • Formulas and videos showing you how to make: 
    • Hydrating mist 
    • Organic cream
    • Organic shampoo
  • Guidance on where to get your ingredients along with a detailed shopping list
Get started now
free cosmetic formulation fundamentals masterclass


The Beauty & Personal Care Conversation: Podcast with Belinda Carli & Expert Guests.
Listen to our podcasts: 

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