Certificate in Cosmetic Market Research & Product Positioning

We get asked by a lot of brands: do you think my cosmetic product is a good idea? and how do I find a unique position for my products?

There is only one way to know for sure, and that is by conducting good market research and product profiling. The Certificate in Cosmetic Market Research & Product Positioning teaches you how to research your competitors, find that strong point of difference and then test the opportunities of the product concept to ensure your cosmetic product success. It also teaches you how to determine the right retail price and size for your cosmetic product; as well as how to prepare and conduct market research surveys to find out what your target market really thinks. Be sure about your cosmetic product and brand, its key ingredients, performance, price and size BEFORE you launch. 

Find out how to:

  • Conduct desk research and find out crucial information about potential brand success before you even start development
  • Determine the best size and retail price for your product
  • Investigate true market opportunities for products and establish your key points of difference
  • Profile the products and your market to guide your promotional strategies
  • Prepare and conduct market surveys to guide your brand’s direction
  • Interpret research and survey results as well as trend information to make sure you develop a successful cosmetic product
  • Run opportunities analysis to make sure your product fulfills your targets needs and has a real opportunity in the cosmetics marketplace
  • Be confident in the type of cosmetic product you want to develop based on good market research

Launching your product at the wrong size or price, without a significant point of difference, through the wrong market channels or to the wrong target market can mean disaster for your cosmetic brand. Don’t risk getting it wrong – your Cosmetic Brand and its growth is too important! Study this Certificate program to ensure your product has a real opportunity at success BEFORE you start development – find out how!

Our Certificate in Cosmetic Market Research program also provides tools to help you:

  • Find gaps in the market that provide real cosmetic brand growth opportunity
  • Conduct market research from preliminary investigative stages right through to completion
  • Investigate how you can improve your current cosmetic brand and products
  • Make the right choices about your cosmetic brand and products
  • Keep up to date with trends and changes in the cosmetic industry and how this may impact your cosmetic brand and products
  • Enter new countries and markets with your existing cosmetic brand and products – or changes required to ensure success

If you have started, or want to start your own cosmetic brand, then this is the program to help you find opportunities in the cosmetic market and develop cosmetic products with real opportunities for growth. Our Certificate in Cosmetic Market Research course has been developed to provide the skills, knowledge and templates necessary to succeed in this very competitive marketplace, no matter where you are in the world.



  • Start Date: Can be started at any time
  • Mode of delivery: On-Line/Distance
  • Entry Requirements: Minimum 15 years of age or older
  • Duration: 80 study hours.
    • Normal duration: 4 weeks (flexible study plan up to 12 weeks)
  • This program contains 2 full professional training units from the Diploma of Cosmetic Brand Management.


See an example of assessment




6 hours online lectures

(full course: 80 study hours)

Learn through 6 full lecture videos where our qualified and experienced cosmetic managers walk you through the 80 study hours of course content in detail.

Cosmetic market research textbook


Download our comprehensive and detailed textbook. With more than 110 pages, this professional manual will be your guide during and your reference after your studies.

Guided learning materials

Effectively study online with a comprehensive guided study checklist to plan and track your study progress. See an example of how our study is laid out step-by-step. 

1-on-1 training support

Don't wait to get your questions answered on a forum. Get support directly from your trainer - a qualified Cosmetic Brand Manager - when you need help. Meet our trainer here

Detailed study feedback

Understand and learn with detailed feedback for every assessment from your trainer, an experienced cosmetic brand manager. Learn more about your future trainer

Real-life work scenarios 

No quizzes or games - get ready to work in the cosmetic industry with several real-life work scenarios throughout your studies. See an example of assessments here.


Professional  community

Join a professional community online with hundreds of qualified Cosmetic Chemists and cosmetic brand managers from over 75 countries in the world. Build your network! 

Study options


Study Only:

Online Lectures + Text 

Get the learning with - no assessment commitment. 

* No due dates

* Unlimited access to online lectures - over 6 full training lectures, you can watch anytime, over and over again.     

* Full electronic text - over 110 pages of Professional training text

* Lifelong access to our database containing worked examples and activities to support learning

* All templates and checklists from the Certificate program





Pay with EURO from €265

  Pay with USD from $300 

  Pay with AUD from $399 

Full Program:

Full Certificate Program

Get the learning, trainer support, assessment, and Certificate.

* Up to 12 weeks to complete full qualification

* Unlimited access to online lectures - over 6 full training lectures, you can watch anytime, over and over again.  

* Full electronic text - over 100 pages of Professional training text

* Lifelong access to our database containing worked examples and activities to support learning

* All templates and checklists from the Certificate program

* Access to our Students & Graduates Facebook community

* 1-on1 trainer support 

* 1 written assessments

* Hard copy Certificate

Pay with EURO from €535

  Pay with USD from $600 

  Pay with AUD from $799 


 Access full student Prospectus, policies and procedures. 


Course structure and learning outcomes



Conduct market research

Covers the outcomes required to implement all aspects of a market research plan. Learn how to:

  • conduct market research
    • develop survey tools, recruit respondents,gather data and information from respondents
analyze, apply and report on the research data and information gathered.
Profile the market

Teaches how to segment the market, select targeting strategies and tactics, profile target segments and develop positioning strategies and implementation activities. Learn how to:

  • effectively apply market profiling techniques to personal care products
  • develop appropriate positioning strategies
effectively position and promote products to best suit their target market.



  • On-line lectures to support learning and activities within the texts
  • Electronic text for 2 units
  • Desk Research template – use to ensure your preliminary research yields amazing insight
  • Market Survey template – use to ensure your surveys find out the answers you are looking for
  • Market Research Report template – specific to cosmetics and personal care
  • Product Positioning implementation plan – to guide you in developing product, brand and marketing strategies
  • Written assessment comprising theoretical questions and workplace simulated scenarios



  • Conduct effective research to establish potential cosmetic product opportunities
  • Determine a unique point of difference for their cosmetic products and Brand
  • Develop and conduct market surveys specific to their cosmetic product and Brand needs
  • Interpret results of research and surveys specific to the cosmetic industry
  • Keep up to date with cosmetic trends and changes they may need to make to existing products
  • Determine the size, price, performance and marketing claims required for their cosmetic brand and products to be competitive
  • Work with Cosmetic Chemists on developing a product based on their market research

On successful completion, learners will be able to confidently research market opportunities to determine the right size, price, claims and performance needed to ensure successful cosmetic product and brand developments. In addition, essential templates and resources are provided in this Certificate program to give Brand Owners and Brand Management personnel the tools they need to ensure effective market research, product positioning and opportunities analysis to achieve product success.  


  • Small cosmetic brand owners
  • Cosmetic Brand Managers



  • Cosmetic Brand owners – make sure your investments will provide real returns!
  • Cosmetic Brand Managers conducting market research, developing product, marketing and brand strategies and designing product development briefs


Duration for FULL certificate program:

  • This course consists of 2 units of competency
  • Full-time study = 36-38 hours per week to complete in 2 weeks
  • Part-time study = 15-20 hours per week to complete in 4 weeks
  • Flexible study = 5-10 hours per week to complete in 12 weeks 
  • Study load consists of:
    • Guided training and workplace simulations = 50 hours
    • Extension research and assessment activities = 30 hours