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Join Belinda Carli, Director of Institute of Personal Care Science, and Natasha Spencer, Director of Lion Spirit Media, as they discuss cosmetic and personal care product trends that continue to define and shape the future of personal care developments. They also discuss some of the regulatory and formulation challenges faced with innovative trends that emerge and what brands need to be aware of, and keep informed of, to stay ahead with exciting, compliant and effective developments.

As featured in HPC Today – Household and Personal Care Today, a peer reviewed, bimonthly journal, of the TKS TeknoScienze Publisher.



02 | Wellness in Beauty & Personal Care

Consumers are increasingly looking for products across all sectors to support their mental health and wellbeing, especially in our current changing and challenging times. While there is a strong connection between looking good and feeling good, there are also some active ingredients that have proven evidence to support the mental well being of the mind-skin connection. The visible results are a reduction in fine lines, redness and even a more glowing complexion, but brands need to be careful how they market these claims to stay compliant with cosmetic regulations. In this podcast, Natasha and Belinda explore the mind-skin connection of personal care, the actives that are innovative in this area, and how brands can be clever but compliant with their marketing.

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supplements to improve your skin and hair

01 | The ingestible beauty trend: hard to swallow

With the increasing consumer demand for wellness solutions and supplements, we’re seeing an increase in ingestible beauty launches around the world. But can a supplement really provide better hair, skin and nails – or is the truth harder to swallow when it comes to ingestible solutions? In this podcast, Natasha and Belinda discuss the opportunities and trends in the ingestible beauty space, as well as the regulatory and evidence based issues with developing and marketing beauty pills and powders.

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