Formulate waterless cosmetic bars


Waterless cosmetic products are an increasingly popular cosmetic trend because:
  • they are convenient to travel with,
  • they have almost zero waste
  • packaging can be re-used or at the very least, recycled and
  • you don’t use much with each application


waterless cosmetic bars are not easy to formulate. 

Difficulties can include:
  • getting the waterless bar formulas ‘just right’
  • ensuring a suitable melting point during manufacture
  • achieving a suitable setting point
  • getting the right consistency/hardness and
  • ensuring suitable performance

Learn how to select materials to get your waterless cosmetic products ‘just right’. These workshops give you natural waterless cosmetic bar formulation builds with detailed guidance on how to 'swap out' key cosmetic ingredients so you can make your own unique creations.

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Start Date: Can be started at any time.

Duration: Approx. 2 hours for each workshop + unlimited workshop access

Assessment: None.

Course Type: On-Line Workshops. 

Note: These workshops are self-training, so won’t include trainers support if you have further questions.


waterless cosmetic bar formula

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waterless cosmetic bar formula


Learn to formulate 1 or up to 4 different types of waterless cosmetic products:

  • Waterless shampoo bars + waterless body wash bars
  • Waterless conditioner bars
  • Waterless face cleansing bars
  • Waterless moisturiser bars


Each waterless bar workshop comes with:

  • detailed online lecture explaining step-by-step how to make waterless cosmetic bar formulas
  • formulation build so you can make your own unique waterless cosmetic bar formulations
  • example formulas for waterless cosmetic bars
  • example video showing how to put each waterless cosmetic bar formula together

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Pay with EURO: 1 for €65 / 4 for €200

  Pay with USD: 1 for $75 / 4 for $225 

  Pay with AUD: 1 for $100 / 4 for $300