Social media for cosmetic brands workshop series


It's easy to make a social post, right? So why aren't you getting the sales results you keep hoping for?
Do you know:
  • the difference between a social post and an effective social post?
  • how to really get your brand noticed on social media?
  • how to grow your online & social presence in a way that actually builds sales?
  • how to develop an effective social media strategy?
  • how to use social media to build your brand success?

With so many indie cosmetic brands using social media, developing an effective social media strategy is essential to:

  • build a social media following that actually purchase your product 
  • get noticed amongst all the other posts
  • reach your target market to boost product sales
  • minimise advertising costs whilst maximising sales results

Learn how to develop a highly effective social media strategy specific to the cosmetics industry and get noticed by your target market. If you've been using social media but haven't achieved the followers, engagement or sales results you have been hoping for, this workshop series is for YOU!

Specifically designed for start up indie cosmetic brands on a tight budget - enrol now! 

social media for cosmetic brands

Set of 2 lectures and text

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Start Date: Can be started at any time.

Duration: Approx. 6 hours including lectures, text & activities + unlimited workshop access

Assessment: None.

Course Type: On-Line Workshops. 

Note: These workshops are self-training, so won’t include trainer support if you have further questions.



  • Detailed text to accompany the social media for cosmetic brands lectures
  • Worked examples to follow the learning
  • Guided activities to help you put the social media training into practice immediately
  • Online workshops (2 lectures)

in this social media for cosmetic brands workshop series YOU WILL LEARN:

Workshop 1: The foundations of social media for cosmetic brands

  • Why social media provides such a great opportunity for small and indie cosmetic brands
  • Why many social media posts for cosmetic products may not be effective
  • Which social media messages work for cosmetic brands and which don't
  • Which paid social media sources work for cosmetic brands and which don't
  • How to prepare effective paid social media promotions for cosmetic brands
  • How to keep your social media effective but within budget

Workshop 2: How to prepare effective organic social media strategies

  • What organic social media doesn't work for cosmetic brands
  • How to plan a month of great social media posts specific to your cosmetic brand
  • How to build a following & create engagement
  • How to use your followers & engagement to generate sales
  • How to drive traffic to your social media pages and website
  • How to get cosmetic product sales from your social media – not just followers and likes


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Set of 2 lectures and text

Pay with EURO €100

 Pay with USD $115  

 Pay with AUD $150