Diploma of Cosmetic Brand Management - Course Units:

Module 1:

Module 1


Investigate and evaluate cosmetic ingredients

Covers the origin and functions of the common ingredients used in personal care products for an understanding of what gets used in products and why. Learn how to:

  • accurately identify what constitutes ‘organic’, ‘natural’ and ‘synthetic’ ingredients and processing
  • investigate and evaluate the origins and functions of the many and varied ingredients used in personal care products
  • apply this knowledge when promoting products in the market place.


Evaluate cosmetic ingredient and formula safety

Covers the responsibility of organisations pertaining to, and regulations governing the safety of, personal care products. Learn how to:

  • identify irritant and allergen reactions of consumers
  • identify and reduce the irritancy and allergen profile of a personal care product
  • effectively evaluate potential safety issues pertaining to various personal care products.
Apply compliance requirements in the promotion of personal care products (cosmetics) 

Covers the application of the range of compliance requirements and obligations that must be fulfilled by an organisation promoting cosmetic personal care products. Learn how to:

  • ensure compliance is an integral part of normal business operations
  • develop and edit marketing campaigns to suit organisation and legislative requirements
  • ensure an effective, compliant message is being communicated.
Design evaluations of personal care product performance

Teaches how to design and implement appropriate testing to evaluate personal care product performance. Learn how to:

  • interpret results of tests
  • use this information throughout product development and subsequent marketing strategies
  • effectively design product evaluations and report on their findings
  • use evaluation reports to enhance product performance and/or utilize results in marketing campaigns.
Evaluate product packaging

Confidently identify and evaluate the suitability of various types of product packaging available within the personal care industry. Learn how to:

  • source and evaluate packaging suitability before ordering
  • ensure product information is presented appropriately depending on the materials used
  • effectively select and evaluate packaging appropriate to the personal care product for which it is intended.
Conduct market research

Covers the outcomes required to implement all aspects of a market research plan. Learn how to:

  • develop survey tools, recruit respondents, gather data and information from respondents
  • conduct market research
  • analyze, apply and report on the research data and information gathered.


Module 2:

Module 2


Profile the market

Teaches how to segment the market, select targeting strategies and tactics, profile target segments and develop positioning strategies and implementation activities. Learn how to:

  • effectively apply market profiling techniques to personal care products
  • develop appropriate positioning strategies
  • effectively position and promote products to best suit their target market.
Develop a media plan

Covers preparation and development of an integrated marketing communications plan to enable the effective and efficient promotion of products and services to the personal care market. Learn how to:

  • effectively develop a marketing communications plan to suit their organisation and personal care product range
  • implement effective marketing
  • evaluate its impact to maximize the success of promotional campaigns.
Create a product development brief

Covers the creation of a product development brief to meet specific organisational needs and preferences for a variety of personal care products. Learn how to:

  • define and communicate the needs of a product concept to a formulator
  • prepare the brief required to create the desired end product
  • incorporate essential aspects into the brief such as budgets and lauch dates.
Manage project time

Covers the project management of all aspects involved in the development, manufacture, promotion and launch of cosmetic and personal care products. Learn how to:

  • determine and implement project schedules
  • assess time management outcomes, to ensure the timely launch of products
  • effectively manage projects specifically relevant to the personal care industry.
Manage project costs

Covers the outcomes required to identify, analyse and refine project costs to produce a budget, and use this budget as the principal mechanism to control project costs. Learn how to:

  • produce a budget to maximise profits and product success
  • effectively manage the budget of a project specifically relevant to the personal care industry.