What makes Autumn Harp special?

Autumn Harp is a USA-based contract manufacturer of personal care products.  We work with global personal care customers, small and large.  It comes as a surprise to some that we do this from the mostly rural state of Vermont.  We are known for our collaborative, Scrum-style project approach, our ability to cleverly overcome hurdles and our aptitude for natural formulations.  We have a very “can do” approach to everything involved in developing and manufacturing products.


Your role/part:   

R&D Formulation Team Manager


How your studies have helped you progress:

I was hired about a year ago to lead the formulation team at Autumn Harp.  I have had a scientific career in the food world, but no experience specific to personal care formulation.  I pursued the Certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Science this past year to help gain the necessary skills to be a formulator and to successfully lead other formulators.  I selected the course specifically because it is solid on the basics, incorporates hands-on practicums and is comprehensive in theory.  I have already been applying acquired learning to help solve formulation stability and product scale-up problems.  I am confidently able to “teach forward” what I have learned to new chemists.