What makes Tarsis SA special:

Laboratories and Cosmetics Tarsis SA is an Ecuadorian company in South America dedicated to develop, manufacture and market products for personal health, beauty and home care through the improvement of quality practices, principles and values. We differ from other companies by the ability to create multiple product lines, in a short period of time with innovation in one product line over another. In addition, our quality exceeds the normal standards on the retail market.


Your role/part:

I am the quality and maintenance manager on the organization, I am in charge of the design, implementation of the quality and maintenance systems for Tarsis SA. In addition, I assist our process development department providing assistance to production from our quality department roles with the implementation and application of good manufacturing practices (GMP) ISO 22716.


How have your studies helped progress:

The course helped with my understanding of regulatory requirements and the science of safety and stability which proved extremely valuable while we were undertaking the ARCSA registration process in our country (ARCSA is our regulatory agency). I’ve also learned invaluable skills that have helped me more effectively communicate with suppliers from our local companies or located internationally. IPCS training is a great resource for our product development department, also help me to understand the science behind all formulations in personal care science.