What makes Border Compounding Pharmacy special:

Our brand is very unique as it is quite contrary to the status quo of the cosmetic industry. The best way to describe our brand would be to compare it to an artisan bakery. Our batch sizes start at 100g. Our personal care products are designed and sold individually by the pharmacist that was responsible for preparing them. There are 2 main formulating principles we adhere to: simplicity and evidence based medical science. Our products include anti-perspirants, shampoos, anti-aging creams, acne treatment regimens, and numerous creams to treat other skin conditions. 

Our success in regional Australia has led us to earmark further sites across Australia to possibly open some new stores and commence the upskilling of more pharmacists into cosmetic scientists! 


Your role/part:

I am the founder of the pharmacy.


How have your studies helped progress:

We are a compounding pharmacy with a special interest in dermatology.  I am the founder of the pharmacy and completed my diploma in Personal Care Formulation through IPCS to gain a deeper understanding of the personal care industry and cosmetic formulating.  I could unequivocally state that this is possibly the most important training I have had since graduating from university. Whilst pharmacists are given training in therapeutic products (aka drug containing), little focus is given to teaching about the bases that they are put in. Knowing how to formulate a product and how a product is formulated is like 'seeing the matrix' when making therapeutic choices.