What makes Deluge special:

I am the founder of Unik Cosmetics. The company started in 2012 as a distributor of beauty products. In 2013, we developed our own brand “DELUGE”. The company is very special to me as it is a family owned business. I am almost at the last phase of Advanced Cosmetic Chemistry. I am proud to say that we have our own small manufacturing facility for our organic beauty products, we also have an in house photostudio.


Your role/part:

Founder and President. My main role is work on the research of new market  trends and raw materials that are 100% natural in the beauty industry. Development of new formulas.


How have your studies helped progress:

This course has helped me learn more about raw materials, different techniques in manufacturing procedures, understand all of the mechanism of preservatives, also good manufacturing practice is fully detailed and well guided in this course. I am extremely satisfied with this course, Belinda personally guides you during and all the way through the learning process. Ample variety of learning materials is also provided such as videos, lectures, assignments, books and sample raw materials.