What makes Dr.Shahid's Skincare special:

I am a physician and consultant in Allergy and Immunology having International Allergy Clinics in Dubai and in Pakistan. I had seen thousands of patients suffering from cosmetic allergy, hair loss and hair dye allergy in Pakistan and in middle east and wanted to help them scientifically. I always felt that since I am allergy specialist and also expert in immunological processes involved in above mentioned conditions, I can be more helpful to such patients.

I established my brand as Dr.Shahid's Skincare , developed small lab and manufacturing unit with facilities of stability testing, microbiological testing and imported all the equipment and chemicals from different countries.


Your role/part:

CEO, R & D, Formulation Chemist and supervisor


How have your studies helped progress:

I had vast experience in allergy, immunology and pathology but did not have any background of cosmetic formulations so that I could develop immunological formulations. I searched several cosmetic courses on net and was impressed with IPCS, Diploma course since its course details was very scientific and had all that I wanted to be trained in.

I completed the 12-month Diploma in Personal Care Formulations and with my background developed several formulations. I like to pay my regards to Belinda and the staff who are great educators and one of the best teachers. I attended certificate courses like how to establish small manufacturing unit. IPCS, certificates along with diploma course are very helpful for setting up unit,QC, Stability testing, business management etc. God bless Belinda and staff of IPCS.