What makes E Mega Mart special?

My business is an e-commerce platform selling cosmetic products which are dermatologically tested. We outsource the manufacturing of our products. Marketing is the core responsibility of our company.


Your role/part:

I am the owner of the company. Company’s growth is my responsibility in all terms.


How your studies have helps progress:

My studies at IPCS has helped me a lot in understanding basic needs to design the new product according to the market need, how to make it stand unique from the competitor as well as how to market my product with a quite fair profit. Earlier I believed that having a 10 years of experience in my field has given me enough of skills to run my business, but once I completed the COSMETIC BRAND MANGEMENT course at IPCS I found myself at a different level with so much of knowledge and confidence. While I was learning all the skills taught in this course, I started practicing in my business and I am happy to share that our company’s success story was published in one of the leading magazine ‘Startup success stories’ (startupsuccessstories.in).

I am thankful to the team of IPCS and Belinda to deliver the great knowledge of cosmetic brand management with fun!!!