What makes Epilab special

Epilab caters for small, intermediate and large scale manufacturing of personal care products. We are a start to end business so not only do we create formulations according to our clients needs, we also offer packaging and branding solutions.


Your role/part

Director and Cosmetic Chemist


How your studies have helped progress

Firstly say thank you for the amazing initiative and the wonderful information you provide for beginners, intermediates and experts alike in the personal care formulation industry. 

Secondly, I have been so humbled by the overwhelming feedback I receive from my clients regarding the level of knowledge and service I provide them when creating cosmetic formulations for their brands. But I feel that this thanks needs to be extended to the IPCS for the wealth of knowledge that Belinda and the team provides us. 

Eight years ago I started my journey in my garage after working in compounding pharmacies as a lab mamager. I used my industry experience and picked up a couple of clients who presented me with their ideas to create their own skincare brands. I felt that at this point I needed to improve my knowledge of cosmetic chemistry so I completed my Diploma of Personal Care Formulation in 2015. Months later I moved to my first facility in Cheltenham and now working on another move to a larger factory to facilitate the growth and requirements of my clients. 

I am always confident that whenever I have a question or need a second opinion on a query, that I will always receive the proper guidance by either referring back to my course work or contacting you directly.

So thank you and keep up the fantastic work!