What makes Essay cosmetics and White Box special:

Essay Cosmetics is a physician skincare line designed specifically for the Asian population. We focus on providing science-backed products and results.

This year, we started second skincare line, White Box Cosmeceuticals. The brand is focused on personalized skincare science to target skin concerns for all skin types.


Your role/part:

R&D for both Essay Cosmetics and White Box. Partial ownership of White Box.


How have your studies helped progress:


How could I start my own cosmetic business without the help of IPCS? It saved so much time and money and gave me the confidence to work as a formulator. I am forever grateful for this valuable learning experience and the support from my instructor.

The course is comprehensive, detailed, and the support system is excellent. I was traveling while taking the class. I had no trouble to reach my instructors online and get the answers that I needed to move on with my studies.

Finally, I have to say that the course is so well designed that it will answer 99% of your questions if you watch the videos patiently from the beginning to the end.