What makes FARCOM so special:

FARCOM encourages initiative, creativity, and innovation, aiming to continuously improve and making its customers proud of their choice. Its passion for improvement, the constant quest for innovative solutions, and dedication to excellence impact all the aspects of the business.

FARCOM’s vision is to offer the domestic and foreign market, innovative cosmetic products and high-standards services at competitive prices, based on its multi-year experience, partners’ business resources, and continuous investment in research and development.

FARCOM’s mission is to create and provide customers with inspiring and refreshing products, of the utmost quality and aesthetics.


Your role/part:

Biochemist, MSc in Toxicology

Regulatory Affairs Manager at Farcom S.A


How have your studies helped progress:

Studying with IPCS has helped me be aware of regulatory compliance and have a greater understanding of product formulation. This course has definitely expanded and improved my compliance knowledge to meet legal requirements. I am thankful to the whole team of IPCS and Belinda to deliver knowledge of cosmetic regulatory compliance with fun.