What makes Intraceuticals special:

Intraceuticals is a unique line of spa treatments and complementary skin care products based on innovative and distinctive technology. Intraceuticals Clinic Treatments, the brand’s signature innovation, use oxygen under pressure and cutting edge hyaluronic acid technology to promote the delivery of specially formulated serums to the skin. These specialised treatments and accompanying at home products target the most common skin issues with visible, clinical results and dramatic accumulative effects. Our mission is to harness emerging, cutting-edge technology to deliver innovative solutions and results-driven skin care that goes beyond the surface.


Your role/part:

I am the Research & Development Manager at Intraceuticals, a role I took on roughly 6 months ago after almost five years at BWX (formerly Beautiworx) in development chemist, team leader and R&D Manager roles. This position allows me to develop innovative new formulations with a strong focus on product efficacy while working with our management team to improve regulatory, quality control and product development processes.  


How have your studies helped progress:

I studied a Diploma of Personal Care Formulation with IPCS to develop my knowledge specifically in the Cosmetic sector. After completing a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science at Monash with a major in Formulation Science I knew that this was the area I wanted to work in. As it is a relatively small industry I wanted an extra edge to help me find a job in this field and ensure that when I did I felt ready for whatever I faced in the industry. The course is very practical based and the hands-on formulating helps give you confidence when formulating in the laboratory. The support throughout the course was great and the online format meant that it easily fitted in with full-time work.