What makes Mandom special:

Besides domestic market, my company, Mandom Indonesia also exports its products to some countries such as ASEAN countries, Middle East, Japan, Korea, India, and others. Hence, it would be very useful if I could get more knowledge and in-depth understanding about global cosmetic labelling and claim in order to enable marketing gain for my company.


Your role/part:

Regulatory Affair Specialist


How have your studies helped progress:

The material is super excellent and comprehensive, you would get broaden yourself about personal care industry, its marketing aspect, regulatory aspect, formulation and brand building. I have been assisted with their easy-to-understand text book & lecture, it was guiding me to get in detail about labelling and claim compliance check specifically. Eventually, it could decrease the product recall in all our market country, both local and overseas. So that it could cut off the cost definitely. Thank you IPCS!