What makes Mia Belle special:

Mia Belle NZ is a gorgeous boutique skin and body care brand based in Auckland New Zealand. It is a family owned and operated business creating thoughtfully and mindfully formulated skin and body care products for the whole family. Catherine's passions are mental health and well-being, looking after the environment through mindful living, supporting people especially women in their self-esteem and confidence. She channels this passion through her business of handmade skin and body care products. Our brand is helping lessen plastic waste in personal care products,we also promote aging with grace, celebrating every persons natural and authentic beauty and taking care of mind, body and soul. We are stocked in many stores around New Zealand and export regularly overseas.


Your role/part:

Catherine is the Founder and formulator behind the products at Mia Belle


How have your studies helped progress:

Studying with IPCS has been so amazing for my learning and development and the growth of my business! I took on this  study so I could learn about formulating properly and safely. It is incredibly thorough and covered everything I needed to  really learn my craft properly. I'm so glad I have and already planning which course l am going to take next.