What makes Nature Sense special:

Nature Sense is an Malaysian cosmeceutical skincare and founded by Evelyn Tong. As a Cushing syndrome patient and have skin problem for years, Evelyn decided to create her own skincare line specialised on Facial Corticosteroid Addictive Dermatitis ( FCAD ) and sensitive skin. Nature Sense provide customers with reliable bio-based products, every product produce are originated from plant-based ingredients. These products mainly re-condition and activate your skin by boosting the required protein, so that the skin can achieve a younger and more vigorous effect. Each product had been through years of development in factories and laboratories before going through a rigorous inspection process to ensure every product delivered to our customers was the best they could get.


Your role/part:

Managing Director.


How your studies have helps progress:

As a formulator, this course is helping me to gain the knowledge of formulating skills and upgrade myself from a zero knowledge on chemistry to a certified Cosmetic Chemist today.

The course was detailed, well supported by tutors and the guidance is 100% satisfied. I highly recommend this course and Thank you so much for all the guidance and support.