What makes Native Biologique special:

Native Biologique is crafted with passion. It is the fruit of continuous learning, hard work, and perseverance.

It is a proud Philippine brand bringing transformative skin care science with powerful native extracts and scientifically-proven active ingredients.

In creating our formulas, we are guided by our integral principles of quality, integrity, and social responsibility. We believe that having innovative and trusted cosmetic ingredient partners is essential in providing safe and effective products.


Your role/part:



How have your studies helped progress:

The passion and knowledge in personal care came from my experience working for two local Philippine distributors of cosmetic ingredients. The desire for innovation grew as I became more knowledge in specialty ingredients. It became a goal to be more educated and to one day establish a great brand.

The Institute of Personal Care Science Australia does not only provide quality programs to those who wanted to expand their knowledge in personal care but it is an institution with great compassion and commitment. I was finishing my final project for my Diploma in Personal Care Development and Promotion when our country, the Philippines, was locked down due to the Covid19 pandemic. Finishing school became a challenge due to the increased anxiety and uncertainty. But because of the guidance and support of my mentors at IPCS, I was able to complete my course and passed. They really made sure that I understood the topics really well.

I am proud to share that I was able to bring my final project at IPCS into reality. It is where I started NATIVE BIOLOGIQUE.