What makes Synergie Skin special:

Synergie Skin is an Australian cosmeceutical skincare and mineral makeup company founded by Terri Vinson. As a scientist, Terri knew that her specialist knowledge in biology and chemistry, and subsequently gaining her Diploma in Formulating Chemistry at the IPCS could be used in formulating highly active products and also to educate those seeking expert advice. In a market that’s often fraught with buzzwords, lack of evidence and questionable ingredients, Terri trademarked her 'Clean Science' philosophy. This ensures all Synergie products are formulated using clean, active ingredients that are supported by clinical data, ethically manufactured and most importantly, will improve the long-term health of your skin.


Your role/part:

Managing Director


How have your studies helped progress:

As a formulator and educator, this course has definitely expanded and enriched my knowledge and opened my mind to new formulation options. We never cease to learn,  and this course is perfect for both new students wishing to enter the industry and more experienced formulators wishing to broaden their industry experience.
The IPCS course was detailed, comprehensive and well supported by the tutors. If you are prepared to make a serious commitment to learning, this course will definitely make you a better formulator. I highly recommend this course.