What makes The Eco Well special:

The Eco Well is a Canadian education platform and consultancy focused on promoting sustainability, transparency, and science in cosmetics. The goal of the business is to empower our cosmetics community, as well as consumers, to make more informed decisions when purchasing or formulating cosmetics. We host a free weekly cosmetic science podcast where we interview international scientists and industry leaders, host events ranging from panel discussions to larger conferences, we offer consultation on sustainable development and are actively doing public outreach on sustainability in cosmetics. Ultimately, The Eco Well is a business focused on science communication, which we think is going to be key tackling some of the misinformation challenges in the cosmetics industry today. I'd say that's what makes us special.


Your role/part:

I'm the founder and director.


How have your studies helped progress:

Prior to studying with the Institute of Personal Care Sciences, I completed my studies at the University of Guelph focused on Nutraceutical Sciences with an emphasis on Cosmeceuticals, and Zoology. I had specialized my career in the cosmetics industry in sustainable development, science writing, and science communication. Going through IPCS's diploma program has done so much for my understanding of cosmetic chemistry and formulation, and has really enhanced what I do in my career. I now feel confident formulating cosmetic products, in my knowledge surrounding regulations, in my ability to speak with chemists to disseminate formulation topics on my podcast, and in my understanding of what it takes to launch a safe and compliant cosmetic product. I would say that choosing to study with IPCS is a big reason my business is currently doing so well, and I'm really grateful I decided to study with them.