What makes Trendpac special:

The website gives a rundown of what we do but I think Trendpac is quite unique. It is a 100% Australian family owned and established for over 50 years. Trendpac is a “one stop shop” for a range of homecare and personal care products

  • we work with the customer to develop a formula to their criteria
  • we make the solution
  • we design and make a lot of the bottles and closures
  • we fill the solution and package it


Your role/part:

Research & Development Manager


How have your studies helped progress:

I originally studied Industrial Chemistry and started with Trendpac almost 11 years ago as a QA Chemist testing production solutions in the lab. Due to staff changes I had the opportunity to move to R&D about 8 years ago. I quickly realised how little I actually knew and how much I had to learn! I heard about IPCS at the first ASCC conference I attended in Adelaide in 2012? I convinced my boss at the time that having me do the Diploma course would be a good investment for the company. It took about a year for me to complete the Diploma as I was in a hurry to learn as much as I could. In hindsight I think I should have taken a bit longer and made more use of the available support.

The course gave me a lot more confidence to try different materials and a much better understanding of all aspects of formulating a range of personal care products. It also helped me know where to go to for more information. The practical component in particular was very informative and enjoyable.

The course certainly improved my knowledge and enabled me to converse more confidently with suppliers and customers. I think it has also assisted me to progress within the company and I am now the R&D Manager with 3 R&D Chemists reporting to myself and about to recruit for a fourth.