What makes Vaince special:

It is a start up. People working there are really helpful and kind enough to encourage me to develop new products. It is working with many big renowned companies. It has crossed over 3Cr turn over in just 24 months. 7 factories pan India.


Your role/part:

New Product Development Formulation Chemist.


How have your studies helped progress:

Diploma helped me alot. It enabled me to gain proper knowledge, skills and even practical knowledge about ingredients, compliances, claims, safety procedures and other manufacturing methods, Selection of materials whether it is for natural, organic or synthetic products, microbial testing. The course is extremely informative. Documents and study materials are easily accessible and structured not at all complicated. Every topic has been covered in detail. Belinda’s expertise and experience is remarkable. Practical assessment helps in getting proper knowledge about ingredient’s skin feel, performance and manufacturing process. Almost every product has been covered and taught in detail. It is an excellent course.