What makes Vitamin You special:

Vitamin You focuses on both sustainability and gentle but effective vitamin actives. We research trending ingredients and incorporate them into unique products that have sustainable and ecofriendly packaging.

Having light and sensitive skin myself, Vitamin You prides itself in offering skincare that’s gentle and non-irritating. Our goal is to introduce your skin with active ingredients in a soothing, luxurious, and enjoyable way!


Your role/part:

I am the sole owner of Vitamin You.
I personally develop the formulations, design the products, package the orders, organize finances, manage marketing, schedule pop-up shop events, and provide the best customer service I can! It’s a lot of work but I love every bit of it.


How have your studies helped progress:

Without IPCS, I would not have the knowledge to even be in the cosmetic field. My degree in biomedical chemistry hindered me from switching from science to cosmetics in the USA. By completing the diploma of personal care science, I was able to land a job as an R&D cosmetic chemist. Unfortunately, this specific company was deceitful, and I needed to quit it asap! I only knew that this company was fallacious because of IPCS.
IPCS not only teaches good science, but also good ethics when it comes to consumers and product development.
From my R&D position, I decided to start my own company and continue my education with the IPCS lives and Youtube videos. Thank you!