Do you want to learn how to formulate sanitizing products in detail, including:
  • What the rules are in various countries: AU, Canada, China, EU and UK, ASEAN countries, India, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, South Korea and the USA
  • How to make sanitizing formulas
  • How to thicken sanitizing formulas
  • Which sanitizing agents you can use, and which are not suitable, along with limits
  • Which materials can get added, and which don’t get added, to sanitizing formulas
  • How to mix your formulas for best results
  • Which gums and polymers are effective to thicken high alcohol (ethanol and isopropyl alcohol) content
  • Which neutralising agents can be used
  • Where to go for suppliers of materials

Purchase our Sanitizing Workshops, which comes with full detailed text and 2 on-line lectures, for just $200AUD


Purchase our Sanitizing Workshops: $200AUD