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Not all training packages or Diplomas are created equal. A true College Level Diploma should come from a Government recognised Training Institution, like IPCS. The Diploma itself should represent at least 30 weeks of training and workplace scenario simulated assessments and projects (like our Brand Management training, the Diploma of Personal Care Development and Promotion) or, where practical work should also be undertaken, at least 12 months of training, assessment and practical work – like our Diploma of Personal Care Formulation. Without the right quality and quantity of training, a program really can’t provide you with a true College Level Diploma, nor the in-depth skills, knowledge or tested abilities to give you true Diploma level career opportunities.

Our Certificate programs are taken from Diploma level training but packaged to suit individual study goals. For example, our Certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Science provides just over one third the training from our Diploma in Personal Care Formulation – so it provides College Level Diploma training but not sufficient volume of work or assessments to entitle a learner to Diploma status.

When selecting the study program to best suit your needs, look for the quality recognition and quantity of learning to make sure it will deliver on its promises. IPCS programs are GUARANTEED to do exactly that.

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Our online training makes it easy and convenient for you to study Cosmetic Science, Formulation, Brand Management and Regulatory Affairs at a time and place that suits you – anywhere in the world. With IPCS, we are as close to you as your computer.

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