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Discover the Secrets to Global Skincare Appeal

The needs of different skin types vary around the world. In this 15-minute video, noted personal care formulator Belinda Carli walks you through detailed information that will help improve your formulations for a wide variety of markets. Watch here…

How to select natural surfactants

Formulating with natural surfactants presents multiple challenges to the formulator: they are difficult to thicken, often don’t clean as well as synthetic surfactants and may foam as well either. This video takes you through common solutions and tips on how to select natural surfactants. Watch here…

Getting Active with Cosmeceuticals!

Cosmeceuticals are cosmetics that claim to have medicinal properties, with bioactive ingredients that may produce anti-aging effects. In this 10-minute video, I walk through how formulators can choose the best cosmeceutical actives for their application. Watch here…

Getting to the Root of the Matter: Stem Cells in Cosmeceutical Products

Find out the what, how and why of stem cell extracts in cosmeceutical products, as well as the controversy and marketing limitations surrounding their use in this informative video. Watch here…