Cosmetic Science Book

Cosmetic Formulations: A Beginners Guide

Learn to formulate cosmetics at a beginners’ level. Ideal for those of you wanting to know the basics of cosmetic science and formulation and how to put your own cosmetic products together without getting lost in unnecessary chemical and technical jargon.

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Cosmetic Formulations: An Advanced Guide

This book is The Cosmetic Formulation guide for those wanting intermediate cosmetic science formulation training. Build your understanding of cosmetic science and formulations.

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Formulating Hair Care, Styling and Temporary Colourants: An Advanced Guide Book

This book is the guide for those with intermediate cosmetic science formulation knowledge and/or experience who want to specialise in professional hair care, styling and temporary colouring formulations. It will also help you improve the quality and aesthetic aspects of your cosmetic sample developments and reduce time taken in the lab by enhancing your cosmetic raw material selection process and cosmetic formulation methodology. This is a very comprehensive guide that covers advanced formulation techniques specific to salon quality hair care, styling and temporary colourants, as well as provides the latest innovative and detailed formulation guidance.

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Organic Formulations

A specialist cosmetic formulation guide is ideal for those already proficient at basic cosmetic chemistry and formulation. This guide provides comprehensive coverage of Organic Cosmetic Formulation rules from various Certifiers around the world along with step-by-step organic cosmetic formulation guides on how to overcome the shelf life, sensory and cosmetic formulation difficulties when creating organic cosmetics.

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Formulating Colour Cosmetics

Master the art of colour! Developed for those with a foundation of cosmetic science and formulation knowledge, this specialist guide provides comprehensive coverage of how to formulate colour cosmetic products, including multi-country compliance of colour ingredients, manufacturing methods, colour matching and quality control.

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Cosmetic Brand Business Essentials

Are you looking to develop your own cosmetic brand or line of cosmetic products? This is essential reading for anyone considering their own range of cosmetic products. Learn about cosmetic marketing rules, cosmetic brand and concept development, project time and cost management as well as how to launch your cosmetic brand. Comes with Free access to the Cosmetic Brand Business Workshops.

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