Select the right preservative for your cosmetic formula 

With so many preservatives to choose from – how do you know which work best for your cosmetic formula, and how much should you use?

Preservative selection is one of the most controversial selections you can make, and yet an incorrectly preserved cosmetic product is a Brand’s worst nightmare!

This workshop looks at 14 readily available, highly effective preservatives, and talks you through the pros and cons, recommended inputs and formulation needs of each. Make confident preservative selections.

Start Date: Can be started at any time.

Duration: 12 months lecture access.

Assessment: None.

Course Type: On-Line Workshops. Note: Workshop is self-training, so won’t include trainers support if you have further questions.

Price: $80AUD

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  • 12 months access to detailed lecture guidance
  • Summary table for 14 different preservatives
  • Includes natural choices


Do you want to select cosmetic preservatives with confidence? Find out, from the experts:

  • a detailed review of 14 readily available preservatives
  • effective natural preservatives
  • how preservative performance differs
  • which preservatives work best in which formulation types
  • how much of each preservative should be used in a formula for best results
  • formulation issues or restrictions with certain preservatives
  • how to check INCI and trade names of preservatives
  • how to make good preservative selections specific to your formulas