How to formulate shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser & face cleansing bars

Bar products are an increasingly popular trend – they are convenient to travel with, they have almost zero waste (and if packaged carefully, that packaging can be re-used or at the very least, recyclable) and you don’t use much with each application BUT… they are not easy to formulate.



Want to skip ahead and go straight to bars formulas and methods? You can access all of our free formulas for various bar products HERE.

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And watch our how to make sanitizers videos here:


It is quite difficult to get them ‘just right’: just the right setting and melting point for ease of use and manufacture; just the right consistency/hardness and just the right performance.

In this workshop series, we take a look at formulation builds that help you understand how to select materials to get your bars ‘just right’.

We give you examples of ingredients you can ‘swap out’ – and also explain why not every ingredient out there is a suitable substitute.

Each workshop comes with:

  • its own video presentation
  • formulation build
  • example formula
  • example youtube video showing how to prepare the product

Choose to watch 1 or SAVE if you choose all 4!

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